Afghan war refugee killed at Bulgarian border

This video says about itself:

MSF raises death toll from US airstrikes on Kunduz hospital to 24

14 October 2015

Doctors without Borders, MSF has raised to 24 the death toll from the US airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province.

The organization says the death toll was raised as two of its missing staff members are now presumed dead. 22 of MSF staffers who were initially unaccounted for are alive. Doctors without borders is still trying to contact nine patients who went missing following the strikes on October 3. MSF International President Joanne Liu says they are still in the dark about why a medical facility packed with patients was targeted for more than an hour.

Unfortunately, Turkey is not the only country where armed forces kill refugees. In Turkey, it was refugees from the Syrian war. Now, in Bulgaria, a refugee, probably from the Afghan war.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Bulgarian border guards shoot a refugee dead

Today, 07:54

Bulgarian border guards have shot a refugee dead. Presumably it was an Afghan. The man tried along with dozens of other refugees to illegally cross the Turkish-Bulgarian border and the group resisted arrest, says the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior.

The group tried near Sredets town to enter the country, where border guards are said to have fired warning shots. One of the bullets hit the man, who died on his way to hospital. …

There is no other source confirming the version of the Bulgarian government.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

The UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) condemned the use of force and appealed to Bulgaria not to treat refugees like criminals.

“We, at UNHCR, are deeply shocked by this incident,” said spokesperson Boris Cheshirkov.

“We deplore the death of an Afghan asylum seeker, trying to reach safety across the border. We call on the Bulgarian authorities to conduct an immediate, transparent and independent investigation. Seeking asylum is an universal human right and not a crime.”

The Black Sea state, which is a member of the EU but not of the border-free Schengen Area, has deployed more border police, installed cameras and motion sensors, and is extending a security fence to cover 100 miles of its border with Turkey.

At least 11,000 asylum seekers have entered Bulgaria since January and the number is expected to reach 15,000 by the end of the year. Most are fleeing Syria and use Bulgaria as a transit route to wealthier countries such as Germany and Sweden.

In recent days, a total of eight refugees have been killed in two separate incidents by border guards at the European Union’s external border with Turkey: here.

‘WHAT I LEARNED WHEN FOUR REFUGEES MOVED IN’ “I asked Marija what she wanted most for herself and her family. She gently grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes: ‘Sophia, all I want is a small room for my family. A table for us to eat together. And a bed for us to share. I didn’t come to Germany to be a millionaire. I came here because I wanted to be allowed to be a human being. To be happy.'”[HuffPost]

22 thoughts on “Afghan war refugee killed at Bulgarian border

  1. Saturday 17th October 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    AN AFGHAN man was shot dead by Bulgarian police near the border with Turkey on Thursday night.

    Interior Ministry Chief of Staff Georgi Kostov said that the man was hit by a ricochet when one officer fired warning shots at a group of 54 Afghan refugees near the southern city of Sredets. The other refugees were all taken into custody.

    UN High Commissioner for Refugees Bulgarian representative Boris Cheshirkov said that while some 3,100 people had died trying to reach Europe in the past three years, this was the first time a refugee had been shot.

    “We are deeply shocked and regret the fatal incident,” he said.

    “We are convinced that barriers, fences and police forces cannot solve the problems of people who are in a desperate situation.”

    Meanwhile, Greek authorities were investigating a series of allegations that Syrian refugees who entered the country by land from Turkey were robbed and forced back across the border by police.

    The refugees made more than 20 reports of attacks earlier this year in the north-eastern Evros region.

    They said that Greek police officers had stolen money and belongings before pushing them back across the River Evros, which they had just forded.

    And a court in Spain’s north African colony of Ceuta absolved 16 police officers of responsibility in the drowning of 15 refugees who tried to swim ashore after leaving neighbouring Morocco last year.

    Interior Ministry videos show the officers firing rubber bullets and smoke grenades at the refugees on February 6 2014 as they tried to reach the safety of dry land.


  2. Saturday 17th october 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    HUNGARY was set to close its border with Croatia at midnight yesterday, leaving only official crossings open, in its latest crackdown on refugees.

    Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto reported the decision after a meeting of the national security cabinet yesterday afternoon.

    Hungary shut its border with Serbia last month after building a barbed wire fence and has since extended the barrier to stop refugees who took a detour through Croatia.

    Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar had warned Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban at a summit on Thursday evening that carrying through the threat would create a “domino effect” across Europe.

    “If borders north of us start getting closed or much tighter controls were applied, Slovenia will act reciprocally in the same way,” he said.

    Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic told the summit: “Croatia can always also build a fence, but we don’t want that, it’s the last option.”

    Poland announced yesterday that it would send vehicles and border guards to help Hungary seal its crossings.


  3. It’s impossible to convey the depths of sadness I feel. My husband was a Bulgarian refugee seeking asylum in 1985, having crossed the border into what was then Yugoslavia. The UNHCR granted him that asylum and his life was changed forever. How is it that Bulgaria is treating refugees seeking asylum within its borders, even temporarily, as criminals needing to be warned off with bullets?


    • Thank you for your comment!

      Also, in the history of, eg, Germany or Hungary, many people were refugees at some time. Unfortunately, not all people there learned the lessons from that.


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