Bronze Age archaeological discovery in the Netherlands

Bronze Age objects found near Hoogkarspel

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

“Top discovery” presented by National Archaeology Days

In Leiden, researchers have presented a “unique top discovery” which had been kept secret until now. It involves a number of treasures from the late Bronze Age. The presentation marked the beginning of the National Archaeology Days.

The treasures were found near Hoogkarspel, in Noord-Holland province. There, the now exhumed mantle pins, bracelets and rings were laid down over 800 years BC. The objects were then put together in a ditch, probably as a kind of sacrifice.

According to the researchers, it is a “significant piece of the giant puzzle of our history.” They say it special is that the objects were excavated by archaeologists and were not discovered by chance during work.

It is known that at the site where the find was made there used to be a small farming community. From that period there have been found twice before similar objects in the Netherlands, in South Holland and Drenthe.

“The bronze objects have a particularly special informative value, in addition to high material value,” said David Fontijn, professor of archeology at Leiden university. “The find will add a bit again to our knowledge of the Bronze Age of the Netherlands, and even of northwestern Europe.”

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