Black people tasered more often than average in Britain

This video from Texas in the USA says about itself:

City Councilman Tasered In Same town As Sandra Bland Arrest

12 October 2015

A city councilman was tasered and arrested outside his home in the same town where a black woman was arrested in a conflict that began over a minor traffic violation.

More about this is here. And here.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Black people targeted with Tasers far more than others

Wednesday 14th October 2015

BLACK people are three times more likely to have a Taser — or the threat of one — used against them by police officers, according to Home Office data uncovered yesterday.

English and Welsh police aimed or fired the stun gun in 38,135 cases over the past five years.

In at least 4,580 (more than 12 per cent) of those incidents, black people were subjected to the threat or use of 50,000-volt electric shocks.

Labour MP and former shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna said that police need to “explain the disproportionality” of use — as only 4 per cent of the population is black.

The Streatham MP called on Tory Home Secretary Theresa May to launch an “immediate investigation” into the “extremely concerning” situation that only came to light after the BBC sent a freedom of information request to the government.

Mr Umunna added: “[The Home Office] releases Taser data on an annual basis, but it seems to have deliberately withheld details regarding the ethnicity, age and gender of those involved in these incidents.”

Black Activists Rising Against Cuts co-chair Lee Jasper said Ms May should extend her concern over the disproportionate use of stop and search against black people to other policing matters.

He pointed to statistics from drugs law experts Release showing that black people used less drugs than white people but were six times more likely to be apprehended and almost twice as likely to be charged for possession.

In addition, at least 158 Taser cases last year involved someone under the age of 16.

5 thoughts on “Black people tasered more often than average in Britain

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  2. Monday, 28 December 2015

    Police tasering mentally ill!

    TWO-THIRDS of all people Tasered by the police in England and Wales between 2010 and 2014 were identified as mentally ill.

    The figures were made available by the Home Office following a Freedom of Information Act request by The data reveals that in 45% of incidents where police used Tasers – this includes where the weapons were drawn and aimed – the subject was identified by officers as being mentally ill; and in instances where the police actually discharged the stun guns, 67% of subjects were identified as mentally ill.

    Norman Lamb MP, the Liberal Democrat health spokesperson who launched the cross-party Equality for Mental Health campaign last month, described the numbers as ‘clearly very worrying’. He said that it is ‘crucial that police forces have proper guidance and training in place to ensure officers are able to act in a safe manner when working with someone with mental ill health’.

    Mike Penning MP, minister for policing told, that ‘sensitive powers’, such as Tasering, required ‘proper accountability and transparency’ and noted that the government is reviewing options for publishing figures on Taser use.

    The numbers also show that police in England & Wales’ use of Tasers increased over the period. In 2010 there were 6,238 recorded Taser incidents. By 2014 that figure had risen to 9,196, an increase of nearly 50%. There was a corresponding increase in the number of Taser incidents involving mentally ill people, increasing from 2,737 in 2010 to 4,200 in 2014.

    The numbers reveal significant variation between police forces. Some police forces Tasered comparatively few mentally ill people. For example, Essex Police had the fewest Tasering incidents per capita involving mentally ill people of the 10 largest police forces in England & Wales.

    Essex Police covers a population of 1.7 million people. In 2014, the force recorded 91 Taser incidents involving mentally ill people. Tasers were fired in 17 of these incidents. The controversial ‘drive stun’ mode was not used. Drive stun mode is where the Taser is pressed against the subject with the intention of causing pain rather than incapacitation.

    By contrast, West Midlands Police has the worst record for Tasering mentally ill people of any police force in England & Wales. Per capita, West Midlands Police Tasers approximately eight times as many mentally ill people as Essex police. West Midlands Police, which covers a population of 2.8 million, is the second largest police force in the UK after the Metropolitan Police.

    Per capita, West Midlands Police Tasers nearly three times as many mentally ill people as the Metropolitan Police.


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