4 thoughts on “Manchester, England trade unionist Mary Quaile

  1. Saturday 14th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Arts

    Dare To Be Free, Manchester Mechanics Institute, Manchester M1

    Manchester trade union May Day’s festival saw the premiere of a new play about the life and work of pioneering trade unionist Mary Quaile.

    It opens with two waitresses — played by Rachel Priest and Rebecca Brown — discussing everyday concerns, how to make ends meet, etc, while setting up a table in a coffee shop where they work.

    Mary Quaile (Catherine Kinsella) a Dubliner by birth, enters the stage, dressed in Edwardian style cream coloured blouse and long black skirt. She begins to tell the audience about her life. It becomes apparent she has trade unionism in her blood and is passionate about it.

    Now action switches to the present when baristas, including a migrant worker (Catarina Pinto Soro-menho) take turns in revealing more of Quaile’s life story.

    Playwright Jane McNulty ingeniously links Quaile’s work life, in a coffee house in Manchester in the early 1900’s, with the lives and struggles of women cafe workers of today.

    The time-frames are punctuated and signalled by the different style aprons worn by the characters. The women take strength from Mary’s story and courageously demand better working conditions and pay.

    The brief play (just 30 minutes) ends with all women standing shoulder to shoulder on stage and closing with a passionate rendition of marching song composed by Carol Donaldson in which the audience joins with gusto.

    Until June 4 2016 for details of times and venues visit maryquaileclub.wordpress.com/

    Susanne Pendlebury



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