Good migratory moth year in the Netherlands

This video from Poland says about itself:

Acherontia atropos [death’s-head hawk-moth]. Full life cycle of this insect.

The Dutch Vlinderstichting entomologists reported on 11 October 2015 that this year is a good year for migratory moths:

So blue underwing, corn earworm, death’s-head hawk-moth, convolvulus hawk-moth and striped hawk-moth were clearly more present than in “normal” years. Of the vestal moth, bordered straw moth and beet armyworm, species which are normally very rare, this year were even very many reports on and Telmee.

The hummingbird hawk-moth was seen many times and at the moment there are still almost daily reports.

2 thoughts on “Good migratory moth year in the Netherlands

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