Rare mushroom back in the Netherlands

Omphalina demissa, photo by Nico Dam

Translated from the Dutch Mycological Society:

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

The number of mushroom species known in the Netherlands is growing steadily. In the last edition of 2013 of the Standard list of Dutch Mushrooms more than 5,000 species mushroom listed, up from around 3500 in the previous edition in 1995. However, there also seem to be species disappearing from our country. Species that are well known in our country, but which have not been seen since 1988, are in the category “Disappeared” on the Red List of 2008.

Disappeared and returned

An example is Omphalina demissa. Also on the online distribution atlas there are no recent sightings of this species. Last weekend, however, it was found again, in two lanes on the estate De Wiersse between Vorden and Ruurlo. In both cases, some specimens were growing right along a little used dirt road flanked by deciduous trees.

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