London solidarity with Turkish terrorism victims

This video says about itself:

UK: Pro-Kurdish activists march through London in solidarity with Ankara victims

10 October 2015

Hundreds of Kurdish people and pro-Kurdish activists marched through the streets of London, Saturday, to show their support for the victims of the Ankara bombing that occurred earlier in the day.

Protesters held signs condemning the Turkish government and many waved PKK and HDP flags during the rally.

This video says about itself:

UK: Kurds shut down central London in solidarity with Ankara victims

11 October 2015

Over 3,000 protesters rallied outside Downing Street in London on Sunday, demanding an “end to state terror” in Turkey. The protesters then marched through central London, blocking Piccadilly and Oxford Circus.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thousands march in solidarity with victims of bomb massacre at Ankara peace rally

Monday 12th October 2015

THOUSANDS of people marched through London yesterday in solidarity with the victims of Saturday’s bombings in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Activist Peter Tatchell was along those showing their support for London’s Kurdish community.

Responsibility for the two explosions which took the lives of 128 people is still to be ascertained, but many in the march accused the Turkish state of abetting the massacre.

The bombs hit the Turkish capital’s main railway station as hundreds of opposition supporters and Kurdish activists gathered for a peace rally.

Sunday’s solidarity protest started at Downing Street and spread across central London, making a stop by the BBC offices.

TURKISH POLICE fired tear gas yesterday to prevent mourners laying carnations at the site of the previous day’s bomb attack on a peace march, which killed 128 people: here.

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