Refugees welcome demonstration, The Hague, 1 November

This video says about itself:

6 September 2015

This is the welcome refugees deserve. We are seeing amazing scenes in Austria and Germany as people come out to cheer, help, feed and passionately welcome refugees arriving in their countries.

After the anti-refugee extreme right bomb violence in Woerden in the Netherlands, this becomes even more important.

From the Anti-Fascistische Actie blog in the Netherlands:

1-11-2015 Nationwide Demonstration: Refugees Welcome! Stop the right-wing witch-hunt!

On Sunday November 1, the Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) is organizing a nationwide demonstration under the banner of ‘Refugees Welcome’ in The Hague. With this demonstration, we would like to show solidarity with refugees and speak out against the right-wing witch-hunt against them.

Migration has always taken place. People are still fleeing from war, poverty, and political repression. The foreign policy of Western nations is largely responsible for these conditions. But instead of refugees being welcomed to the Netherlands, a right-wing witch-hunt is being carried out against them. Fueled by right-wing political parties, asylum seekers’ centers and future shelters for refugees get vandalized with racist words and symbols. Several locations in the Netherlands have been witness to demonstrations against refugees.

We believe that we should be in solidarity with refugees and that the smear campaign based on fear and lies from the right must stop. For example, it is often said that refugees take up social housing while the right-wing politicians are in fact making sure that public housing is no longer built. In times of increasing racism, it is important to build a strong anti-racist movement.

This is why we are calling for a large demonstration to express our solidarity with refugees and to unite against racism and discrimination. Come November 1 to The Hague at 15:00 in front of Central Station and demonstrate with us!

Refugees welcome! Stop the witch-hunt!

Date: 1-11-2015
Time: 15:00
Meet-up: Square in Front of The Hague Central Station
Facebook event: here.

Refugees in ‘new’ Libya: VICE News secured exclusive access to a camp outside Tripoli, run by a militia that has seized hundreds of migrants. Food is scarce, dehydration and disease is rife, and control comes in the form of whips and warning shots. The militia claims to have the migrants’ interests at heart, but what emerges is a very different story: here.

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