Big anti-TTIP demonstrations in Amsterdam, Berlin today

This video shows over 7,000 people, demonstrating against the controversial draft TTIP trade deal, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, today.

See also here.

This video from Germany says about itself:

10 October 2015

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Berlin, Saturday, to protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Berlin Demonstrations Draw At Least 150,000 In Opposition To Transatlantic Free Trade Deal: here. And here.

Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes ‘freedom of expression’ fears. Intellectual property rights chapter appears to give Trans-Pacific Partnership countries’ countries greater power to stop information from going public: here.

14 thoughts on “Big anti-TTIP demonstrations in Amsterdam, Berlin today

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  2. Dear friends,

    On the heels of our fight to stop TTIP, twelve countries just sealed a secret deal that gives corporations vast powers over 40% of the world’s economy. But if we act fast enough, the US Congress can stop it.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a monster global trade deal that could massively expand internet censorship, and is Big Pharma and Monsanto’s dream come true. But to become law, each country has to ratify it. The good news is that a growing chorus of Democrats and Republicans in the US are coming out against it, and if Congress says no, this terrible agreement dies.

    Avaaz can uniquely bring voices from all twelve countries and the whole world to the debate. Let’s give our allies in Congress the massive public backing they need to protect our freedoms. Join the call and tell everyone — our call will be delivered directly to Congress:

    The TPP will shape lives across the world from North America to Chile to New Zealand, but most of the text was written in secret by negotiators and corporations, without public input. When Wikileaks revealed a portion, we got a sampling of how bad it is:

    If a nation bans a toxic chemical, or labels genetically modified foods, or tightens environmental regulations, TPP empowers companies to sue governments in secret global tribunals, run by corporate arbitrators. If the government loses, taxpayers could be forced to pay companies billions of dollars for lost profits.
    Under TPP, pharmaceutical giants could extend their monopolies so far that cheap life-saving drugs for cancer and AIDS patients could be prevented.
    The deal could criminalise those who sound the alarm on corporate illegal activity through a computer system.

    Those are just a small part of the agreement. We have no idea what corporate lobbyists wrote into the bulk of the treaty because governments have refused to release the text to the public. While trade treaties can be critical to a healthy global economy, representatives should never be able to ram through new laws without letting citizens know what’s in them.

    We’ve been fighting these types of agreements for years, and have won. If we join forces to stop the TPP, we’ll show that people everywhere will stand up when any governments put corporate profits before the public good. Allies in the US Congress just told us ‘this is not a done deal’, but to bury it, they need all the public help they can get. Join the call and spread the word. This needs all of us:

    It can be easy to feel small in the face of big corporate forces driving our governments. But when they tried to push a trade deal that threatened our internet freedom, almost 3 million Avaazers took action, and our community was a key force in stopping it completely. Let’s do it again here and remind our governments that people, not money, are the true source of power.

    With hope and determination,

    Dalia, Nataliya, Alice, Mais, Emma, Danny and the entire Avaaz team


    An explainer on Obama’s ‘secret’ trade pact (Guardian)

    Who is writing the TPP? (Boston Globe)

    Trans-Pacific Partnership is reached, but faces scrutiny in Congress (New York Times)

    TPP: What is it and why does it matter? (BBC)


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  4. Monday 2nd November 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Zoe Streatfield in Perth

    THE left notched up a second victory at the Scottish Labour conference yesterday.

    After conference rejected Trident renewal, members voted overwhelmingly to oppose the TTIP international trade agreement in its entirety.

    A motion moved by Unite calling for “outright opposition to TTIP” won a massive 91 per cent of the vote across constituency parties and trade union sections, with union affiliates voting by a rock-solid 100 per cent to support the motion.

    Jackson Cullinane from Unite moved the motion, warning that public services including the NHS would be “opened up to further privatisation” and any future Labour government wishing to take assets into public ownership would “face being sued by multinational companies.”

    He called on conference to support the motion and take the side of “people power” not “corporate power.”

    Mr Cullinane reminded conference that MEPs were not at the negotiating table, that they had been “excluded from negotiations” and so claims by some delegates that concessions on TTIP could be won were misleading.


  5. Monday 30th November 2015

    posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

    SUFFRAGETTE star Anne-Marie Duff will join activists today to deliver a petition calling on the Tory government to protect the NHS from the “dangerous” free trade agreement TTIP.

    Actor Ms Duff said that the NHS “makes us equals” because it “saves our lives and brings our children into the world regardless of who we are.”

    She said that “the TTIP trade deal puts that at risk because it could make privatisation irreversible.” She warned that “we can’t afford to take risks with the NHS” and called for the government to “think again and protect the NHS from TTIP.”

    The actor will join doctors and activists from the People’s NHS, Save our Surgeries and Keep the NHS Public to deliver the 100,000-strong petition to David Cameron at Number 10.

    Keep our NHS Public co-chair John Lipetz warned that the TTIP trade deal “threatens our health service with irreversible privatisation.”

    Mr Lipetz said “the Conservative government does not have a mandate to allow the sell-off of the NHS to become permanent.”

    TTIP is being negotiated between the European Union and United States by corporate lawyers behind closed doors.

    Activists said that it threatened to make the on-going privatisation of the NHS irreversible because it could allow US multinationals, or any firm with US investors, the power to sue the government if it ever attempted to take privatised health services back into public ownership.

    The protest starts at 11am outside 10 Downing Street today.


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