Wildlife and water in eastern Europe, Rotterdam festival films

This video series is called The Danube – Amazon of Europe.

The organisers of the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam in the Netherlands write about this:

Influenced by weather and climatic extremes, the Danube is in constant motion. Floods and drought determine life just as much as the seasons. They influence migration, mating and breeding, as well as hunting and hibernation of animals. Wherever the Danube flows, it impacts nature and people’s lives. The mighty river ends in a unique labyrinth of water, mud and reeds: the Danube delta. It is the last remaining major river delta in Europe and the largest reed bed on earth, used by huge colonies of pelicans, cormorants, sea eagles and spoonbills for breeding and nesting.

This video says about itself:

The cinema trailer of our natural history film “Wild Hungary – A Water Wonderland“.

The organisers of the Rotterdam festival write about this film:

A country like no other in Europe, Hungary is influenced by the rhythms of its rivers. White-tailed eagles, otters and enormous catfish share the wetlands with many other species living close to the local people often unnoticed. Wild Hungary is their intimate story.

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