11 thoughts on “Ill ‘fit for work’ Londoner dies

  1. Britain’s government well known for its policies of love, care and compassion bringing prosperity to all parts of the planet as example Aboriginals who once lived in the trees now reaping the benefit of the latest news on air strikes in Syria and the price of gold as a daily fare the fact that they have a legacy of malnutrition is only a paltry criticism of the fruits Britain having bestowed upon a race that is ungrateful having not caught up with the natural resources boom such as gold, the maimed and deformed are as Hitler having the right idea dealt with these people and Britain owes much to the Nazi regime.


  2. Sadly the DWP has no respect. Benefit reforms, supposedly to make sure everyone was getting what they were entitled to (and to catch out those fraudulently claiming)… yet instead blanketly stopping people’s entitlement… the lucky ones being those who managed to successfully appeal against the DWP’s decisions… often having to represent themselves in appeals because of the extraordinarily high level of people contacting CABs for advice and representation.


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