One Lovely Blog Award, thank you Patty!

One Lovely Blog Award

My dear friend Patty of the blog Petite Magique has been so kind to nominate this blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you for your generosity!

The rules of this award are:

Put the award logo on your blog.
Give 7 facts about yourself.
Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

Seven facts about me:

1. Where did visits to my blog come from, so far today?

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 80
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 22
France FlagFrance 7
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 4
Australia FlagAustralia 3
Germany FlagGermany 2
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 2
Bahrain FlagBahrain 2
Russia FlagRussia 2
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 2
Philippines FlagPhilippines 2
Thailand FlagThailand 2
Spain FlagSpain 2

2. Where did visits to my blog come from this month?

Top Views by Country for 30 days ending 2015-10-07 (Summarized)

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 5,443
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 2,080
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 400
Canada FlagCanada 339
Germany FlagGermany 300
France FlagFrance 246
Sweden FlagSweden 213
Australia FlagAustralia 210
India FlagIndia 145
Philippines FlagPhilippines 129
Italy FlagItaly 123
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 113
Spain FlagSpain 84
Russia FlagRussia 71
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 69
Turkey FlagTurkey 67
European Union FlagEuropean Union 58
Belgium FlagBelgium 58
Norway FlagNorway 58
Ireland FlagIreland 55
Japan FlagJapan 50
Thailand FlagThailand 50
Bahrain FlagBahrain 40
Malta FlagMalta 40

3. Which blog posts and pages attracted most visits so far today?

Title Views
Home page / Archives 12
Pro-refugee, disabled, other people demonstrate against British government in Manchester 8
Three new mouse lemur species of Madagascar 6
Fungi, wigeons, black swan 4
Pied-billed grebe video 4
Rubens, Rembrandt, differences in what they painted 4
Canadian Conservative says don’t vote for racist Prime Minister Harper 4
Sparrowhawk and mushrooms, photos 3
Marital rape still somewhat legal in the USA 2
Euro Birdwatch 2015 results 2

4. Which blog posts and pages attracted most visits this month?

Top Posts for 30 days ending 2015-10-07 (Summarized)

5. Which referrers referred most to my blog this week?

Referrers for 7 days ending 2015-10-07 (Summarized)

Referrer Views
Search Engines 1,338 Reader 145 15
WordPress Dashboard 9
Twitter 9 8 6
Facebook 6 5 3 3 3

6. Which search terms brought most visits to my blog this month?

Search Views
sandra bland update 10
dr. who and anti-militarism 7
tony blair cartoon 6
anti austerity march manchester october 2015 4
we-were-wrong-on-dwarf-planet-pluto-astronomers-say 4
astronomy now plutos globe 3

7. Most popular topics Dear Kitty. Some blog has written about recently:

Topic Views
Human rights 503
Economic, social, trade union, etc. 474
Environment 286
Peace and war 263
Birds 186
Conservative party 181
London 174
Crime 173
Manchester 165

If you tag your posts effectively, this panel will show you which topics get the most traffic. Snapshot generated from your top posts over the past week.

My nominees are:

1. siuquxemovies

2. Mozaic profan

3. kindlykickingback

4. 1001 Scribbles

5. Prestige and power

6. Șic și clasic

7. G@G@

8. Sumstories

9. JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

10. Guru Genie: Advice… the wise don’t need it, and fools won’t heed it

11. harveerbhati

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