Workers-exploiting fundamentalist pastor’s trial for fraud

This is a 16 October 2012 Dutch video about police arresting the leaders of the religious fundamentalist Pentecostalist Jesus Center in Nijkerk in Gelderland province. They are suspects of fraud, possession of illegal weapons and other crimes.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

3.5-year jail sentence proposed for pastor of Jesus Center in Nijkerk

Today, 18:51

The public prosecutor has demanded a prison sentence of 3.5 years against the pastor of the Jesus Center in Nijkerk. He is under suspicion of having stolen personal budgets and welfare of addicted people. His booty from that is said to be 1.1 million euros.

According to Omroep Gelderland the prosecution says that it has proved that the man pocketed the money of the clients of his Christian addiction care organisation.

According to he public prosecutor the 51-year-old man collected that money through foundations affiliated to the Jesus Centre, like ‘Foundation Intro’. Clients had to live inside his building, had to have their money managed by the man and had to follow his care program. He is also said to have forced the addicts to work in his factory of countertops. They had to work eight to ten hours a day, for 5 euros pocket-money per week.

Eight hours is the legal workday in the Netherlands.

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