Meadow pipits and brent geese on Vlieland

Meadow pipit, 27 September 2015

After 26 September, 27 September was our third day on Vlieland island. Meadow pipit autumn migration was in full swing; you could hear them everywhere. This photo shows one, close to the village and to the Wadden sea.

As we woke up, a blackbird and a jackdaw together on the roof.

As we went to the Wadden sea dike, four meadow pipits together, including the one on the photo.

Ruddy turnstones, 27 September 2015

On the dike were these ruddy turnstones. And herring gulls. And great cormorants.

Two northern wheatears as well.

Horses, 27 September 2015

Behind the dike was a meadow with horses.

Brent geese, 27 September 2015

Not only horses. Also nine brent geese, five of whom are on this photo.

There were starlings as well.

Gulls, 27 September 2015

And many gulls: mainly black-headed gulls in winter plumage. Also some common gulls and herring gulls.

Gulls flying, 27 September 2015

Sometimes, many gulls took off for brief flights, for no apparent reason.

Eider duck male depicted on sign, 27 September 2015

As we continued on the dike, we saw this sign. It says, translated: ‘Don’t walk along the dike at high tide. Then, eider ducks rest here. Let them sleep’.

As it was high tide, we returned.

Meadow pipit, on fence, 27 September 2015

Of course, meadow pipits were still there.

Stay tuned, as there will be much more on Vlieland on this blog!

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