Baker loses wedding ring in loaf, finds it again

This Dutch 5 October 2015 video is about baker Arend Kisteman from Zwolle city in the Netherlands, telling how he yesterday lost his wedding ring, as he dropped it while making dough for bread.

Mr Kisteman married just ten days ago.

Dutch NOS TV reports today (translated):

Kisteman had baked some hundred and fifty loaves with the dough, and asked his clients to thoroughly investigate their bread.

He found the ring himself again this morning. “It was inside a loaf. When I was cutting bread, a piece got stuck in the machine. I immediately retrieved the loaf, and the ring was inside.”

“There’s a small scratch on it, but it does not matter.” The baker immediately called his wife. “She is also very happy. I can come home for dinner again tonight.”

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