Dutch religious fundamentalist accused of exploiting workers, fraud, illegal weapons

The Jesus Center in Nijkerk, the Netherlands

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Pastor of Jesus Center in Nijkerk in court for possession of illegal weapons

Today, 10:11

The pastor of the Jesus Centre in Nijkerk is on trial today. The 51-year-old Johan K. is inter alia suspected of forgery, giving incorrect information to the social service, bankruptcy fraud and illegal possession of weapons, reports Omroep Gelderland.

K. was CEO of Stichting Intro in Nijkerk, a Christian center for addiction care. He is said to have forced addicts to work at a kitchen counter factory, which he owned as well. They worked eight to ten hours a day,

Eight hours is the legal work day in the Netherlands

for 5 euros pocket-money per week. K. is said to have taken their personal budgets and welfare payments away from them.

“Done nothing wrong”

The Nijkerk man says he has done nothing wrong in taking care of homeless and drug addict people. They had to work in his factory, he saw that as a form of day care. …

Johan K. founded his Jesus Center in Nijkerk with his wife in 2005. It was a Christian community which included the Intro foundation for addiction care. A police team arrested K. in October 2012. The court in Arnhem will have four days for this trial.

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