Euro Birdwatch 2015, Dutch Top Ten

This video from Britain is called Amazing starlings’ murmuration.

Dutch NOS TV reports on birds counted during Euro Birdwatch 2015 today, in the Netherlands.

The Top Ten of bird species is:

1. Starling 50.990
2. Chaffinch 27.325
3. White-fronted goose 25.032
4. Meadow pipit 15.575
5. Northern lapwing 12.747
6. Grey lag goose 9250
7. Black-headed gull 8592
8. Common linnet 6834
9. Tundra bean goose 6221
10. Siskin 5208

Rare birds were counted as well: red kite 13 times, yellow-browed warbler six times, red-throated pipit four times, Eurasian penduline tit two times.

11 thoughts on “Euro Birdwatch 2015, Dutch Top Ten

    • Hi, thanks for your comment!

      Each starling watches the birds next to it, and in this way the murmuration continues. Making it more difficult for birds of prey to focus on one individual starling.


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