Cameron wants money for Jamaican prison, not for slavery reparations

This music video says about itself:

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Slave Driver [Live at Harvard Stadium/Amandla Festival]

Amandla–Festival of Unity—was a world music festival held at Harvard Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 21, 1979. The goals of the concert were to support and celebrate the liberation of Southern Africa as well as the on-going efforts of people in Boston to end racism in their families, schools, workplaces and communities.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Cameron vows to blow 25m on jail in Jamaica

Thursday 1st October 2015

Huge facility would take inmates repatriated after being convicted in Britain

MORE than 300 Jamaican criminals in British prisons will be sent away after David Cameron pledged £25 million of foreign aid yesterday to build a huge jail on the Caribbean island.

The Tory PM claims that the prison transfer agreement will save taxpayers around £10m a year, despite being paid for by funds set aside to help poor countries in need.

Prisoners sentenced to more than four years and with at least 18 months left to serve would be flown out from 2020 as the first cohort to be locked up in a new 1,500-bed facility.

Shadow international development secretary Diane Abbott criticised the deal as misguided, “wrong in principle” and a “superficial public relations initiative.”

The MP, who has Jamaican-born parents, added: “I do not believe aid money should be spent on building prisons merely as an adjunct to the British criminal justice system.

“If David Cameron is really interested in seeing a decrease in the levels of criminality in Jamaica, he should be investing more in education projects and helping to promote local agriculture and manufacturing, which would provide legal employment for young Jamaicans.

“As it is, catastrophic economic conditions and the absence of employment opportunities force too many Jamaicans down the road of criminality.”

Jamaican officials pressed multimillionaire Mr Cameron, whose slave-owning family received compensation when slavery was abolished in 1834, to consider making national reparations and apologise to Caribbean countries for Britain’s role in the slave trade.

But he refused to apologise and instead promised the prison deal as part of a £200m plan to “reinvigorate” ties with the island by letting British firms bid for contracts to build roads, ports and bridges.

Britain also has prisoner transfer agreements with Albania, Nigeria, Somaliland, Rwanda and Libya.

David Cameron in Jamaica once again made much of so-called abolition of slavery, ignoring Britain’s central place in atrocities: here.

London: Why has a memorial to slaves quietly been dropped? David Olusoga. For 13 years, Memorial 2007 has been raising money for the project in Hyde Park rose gardens, but the government has refused to help: here.

10 thoughts on “Cameron wants money for Jamaican prison, not for slavery reparations

  1. This is so wrong-headed in every way, it takes my breath away. “The British people are going to help you, Jamaica. We’ll build you a prison. Won’t that be a nice life-enhancing, growth producing asset?”


  2. Re: ‘Slavery’: The world was a different place back then… even before the transatlantic slave trade… different forms of ‘slavery’ (and not just of Africans) did exist all round the world:
    “Before 1400: Slavery had existed in Europe from Classical times and did not disappear with the collapse of the Roman Empire. Slaves remained common in Europe throughout the early medieval period. However, slavery of the Classical type became increasingly uncommon in Northern Europe and, by the 11th and 12th centuries, had been effectively abolished in the North. Nevertheless, forms of unfree labour, such as villeinage and serfdom, persisted in the north well into the early modern period. In Southern and Eastern Europe, Classical-style slavery remained a normal part of the society and economy and trade across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic seaboard meant that African slaves began to appear in Italy, Spain, Southern France, and Portugal well before the discovery of the New World in 1492. From about the 8th century onwards, an Arab-run slave trade also flourished, with much of this activity taking place in East Africa, Arabia, and the Indian Ocean. In addition, many African societies themselves had forms of slavery, although these differed considerably, both from each other and from the European and Arabic forms. Although various forms of unfree labour were prevalent in Europe throughout its history, historians refer to ‘Chattel Slavery’, in which slaves are commodities to be bought and sold, rather than domestic servants or agricultural workers. Chattel Slavery is the characteristic form of slavery in the modern world, and this chronology is concerned primarily with this form.”
    excerpt from:
    On a different note I do find it odd that Cameron is willing to spend so much money on building a prison instead of doing something more helpful. Often governments who decide to ‘help’ other countries do have some other ulterior motive behind it.


    • Hi, as I remarked, Cameron is acting consistently with the US occupiers of Iraq, in which building prisons was practically the only part of ‘reconstruction’ which did happen.


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