37 thoughts on “British Labourite Corbyn and nuclear war, by comedian Mark Steel

  1. Saturday 3rd October 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Our News Desk

    CELEBRATING Christmas the socialist way just got easier — with this Jeremy Corbyn Christmas tree topper.The woolly likeness of the Labour leader was unveiled yesterday by political knitter Kristina Stiff.

    The crocheted version of Mr Corbyn comes complete with beige jacket, red tie and, of course, his trademark beard.

    Ms Stiff hopes it will provide the “festive atheist socialist” with a “non-denominational alternative” to the traditional star or angel.

    “He is probably not the messiah but he might be our saviour. Rejoice,” her advert states.

    Ms Stiff first gained fame for creating pin cushions in the likeness of Nigel Farage and Michael Gove.

    But speaking to the Star yesterday, she explained that Mr Corbyn’s victory in the Labour leadership contest had inspired her to make something “more positive.”

    She said: “I’ve been crocheting political likenesses for a couple of years ago but up until now they were all pincushions of the less popular politicians.”

    That changed when Ms Stiff, who lives in Brighton, met Mr Corbyn when he came to speak at the TUC conference there.

    “I am so moved and inspired by his words and actions that I wanted to express it, loud and proud,” she said. “In the end, I got a warm, hearty handshake and a lovely smile. He’s great.”

    Her creation has proved so popular that she already has orders for three months.

    “It turns out that lots of other people want one too, so for the next three months I will be pretty much living in a pile of wool,” she said.

    “I’m definitely glad it will be with Mr Corbyn and not someone loathsome.”

    Search “SnorkersImaginarium” for more details.


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  3. Monday 5th October 2015

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

    Former Labour chancellor dies at age of 98

    THE late Labour “giant” Denis Healey once said he would never have authorised the use of nuclear weapons when he was defence secretary.

    The peer, who was also chancellor and Labour’s deputy leader, died peacefully at home aged 98 on Saturday. He has been described “the best prime minister the party never had.”

    During the second world war, he served as a major in the Royal Engineers in North Africa and Italy.

    In tribute, CND general secretary Kate Hudson recalled that Mr Healey, like new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was dead set against the use of nuclear weapons.

    She said that Mr Healey had stated in 2008 that, when defence secretary, he would never have authorised their use if the such a situation had arisen.

    “I don’t think we need nuclear weapons any longer,” Mr Healey also said in 2006.

    Ms Hudson highlighted the fact amid the furore and media hysteria over new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s comment that he would not press the nuclear button if he were Prime Minister.

    She said: “This sad time gives chance to reflect on the fact that Denis Healey was a man not only of significant political stature but also of great courage to seek a path of peace and not contemplate use of nuclear weapons, which would be a war crime of massive proportions.”



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