Canadian Conservative Harper’s anti-refugee hate speech

This video from Canada says about itself:

Syria Refugee Crisis and Canada’s Stephen Harper‘s Delusional View – War is the Answer

4 September 2015

Stephen Harper, Conservative wants to increase the fight against ‘ISIL Terrorists’ as part of the strategy in dealing with Syrian refugees.

Harper and other Conservative/Republican politicians are ‘climate change deniers‘. It’s a hoax I tell you, just keep burning fossil fuel, build pipelines and all will be good, at least for a few oil barons.Syria as other parts of the planet have faced devastating climate effects in the last couple of decades and these events like droughts have caused an upheaval of populations. People on the brink of starvation due to crop loss, lack of water, and lack of responsibility by organizations and governments to help.

In Syria alone 1.5 million people became ‘climate’ refugees. What does Stephen think of that?

Farming communities were thus able to withstand dry periods by falling back on government subsidies and secondary water resources. This most recent, the seventh drought, however, lasted from 2006 to 2010, an astounding four seasons — a true anomaly in the past century. Furthermore, the average level of precipitation in these four years was the lowest of any drought-ridden period in the last century.

It is estimated that the Syrian drought has displaced more than 1.5 million people; entire families of agricultural workers and small-scale farmers moved from the country’s breadbasket region in the northeast to urban peripheries of the south. The drought tipped the scale of an unbalanced agricultural system that was already feeling the weight of policy mismanagement and unsustainable environmental practices. Further, lack of contingency planning contributed to the inability of the system to cope with the aftermath of the drought.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Migrant rant by Harper condemned

Wednesday 30th September 2015

CANADIAN Prime Minister Stephen Harper has drawn criticism for accusing European states of “chasing headlines” by sheltering refugees.

In a Monday evening election debate, the Tory PM said Canada should not “open the floodgates” to those fleeing war and persecution.

“Some European countries just started letting everybody in and now they’re trying to reverse those policies,” Mr Harper said in justification of his government’s closed-door policy on refugees. “We’re not chasing headlines.”

New Democratic Party head Tom Mulcair condemned his opponent, saying it was “extremely difficult” to hear the PM of a country once seen as a leader in helping the disadvantaged dismiss desperate people in that way.

The overwhelming majority of Canadians, including Mr Harper, are descendants of ‘economic migrants’ or of refugees from wars and dictators.

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