Wetland wildlife corridors work for animals

This Dutch video shows camera trap images of animals using the wildlife corridors linking the two wetland nature reserves Naardermeer and Vechtplassen.

These wildlife corridors were built in 2013. New research proves that animals, especially roe deer, foxes and hares, use the underpasses much. No longer are they roadkill here.

There is much light in the corridors, which causes plants to grow there. This attract rodents. The rodents attract a barn owl, especially when it rains, as it can stay dry under the corridor.

At least four bat species use the corridors: serotine bat, common noctule, common pipistrelle and Daubenton’s bat.

If otters and beavers will arrive here, then they will use the corridors too.

7 thoughts on “Wetland wildlife corridors work for animals

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