Vlieland island, arrival

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Rescuing orphans | Vlieland spring 2015

9 June 2015

Vlieland is the home of many bird species. Thousands of birds are breeding in the dunes and at the shores of the island. For some of the birds, Vlieland is the most southern breeding area (common eider duck, barnacle goose). For a lot of other species it is a safe haven because of the lack of large predators like foxes. The Wadden sea provides enormous amounts of food and also a lot of insects, berries and seeds are available in the woods and the valleys.

Sometimes young birds are getting in trouble, some of the locals attempt to rescue abandoned chicks. On Vlieland there is no official animal shelter but in case of emergency a lot of people are providing help to the animals in distress.

25 September 2015. We went to Vlieland.

In Harlingen harbour, a black-headed gull in winter plumage.

On harbour dikes, herring gulls and a great-black-backed gull.

Scores of great cormorants.

As the ship continued, oystercatchers on a dike, and eider ducks swimming behind it.

Seals resting on a sandbank.

As the ship arrived in Vlieland harbour, jackdaws sat down on it.

In the village, a collared dove.

Along the Wadden sea dike, meadow pipits.

And ruddy turnstones.

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