French fascist financial fraud

This video from Lyon, France shows Marine Le Pen, fuehrer of the National Front, posing with some of her supporters. The guy on the left has a T-shirt on with the letters ‘LONSDAPE’. If he puts his jacket on, then just the letters NSDAP, the acronym of Adolf Hitler‘s party, will be visible. Often, neo-nazis wear T-shirts with LONSDALE or CONSDAPLE for this.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

France: Fascist treasurer charged over misuse of assets

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

FRENCH National Front (FN) treasurer Wallerand de Saint-Just was charged with misuse of assets yesterday.

The fascist party was hit with the same charge, as well as complicity in fraud, earlier this month.

Mr Saint-Just — who heads the FN list in Paris for December’s regional elections, insisted: “We are innocent of all the accusations against us.”

Investigating judges suspect that senior party officials and associated companies have defrauded the state by inflating campaign expenses for the 2012 legislative elections.

The FN fundraising arm, a so-called “micro-party” named Jeanne, is suspected of having received illicit financing from an events company, which has already been charged along with six other people in the probe.

The FN is also under investigation by the European Parliament for suspected fraud totalling €7.5 million (£5.9m) over salaries paid to parliamentary assistants.

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