British nazi plot to murder princes making Prince Harry king

This video says about itself:

Redheaded Man Convicted for Plotting Terror Attack

22 September 2015

Mark Colborne was convicted on September 22nd for plotting a terrorist attack with cyanide.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Breivik fan’ arrested for plot to kill princes

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

A WHITE nationalist was convicted of plotting to kill Prince Charles yesterday, to enable his son Harry to become king.

Mark Colborne, 37, likened himself to Norwegian fascist terrorist Anders Breivik and said he would launch a gun attack “for the Aryan people.”

He bought ingredients for deadly poison cyanide over the internet, stockpiling dust masks, metal filter funnels, plastic syringes and latex gloves, jurors were told.

But Mr Colborne was arrested in June after his half brother uncovered chemicals and papers detailing his racial hatred stashed in his bedroom at the family home in Southampton.

The court heard the convict felt alienated and marginalised for being a white, ginger-haired man and also suffering from agoraphobia and depression.

In notebooks found in his “very cluttered” bedroom, Mr Colborne observed: “I would sacrifice my life for that one shot. Kill Charles and William and Harry become king. Kill the tyrants.”

If Colborne’s murder plot would have succeeded, then Prince Harry would have become King Henry IX.

The first king of that name since Henry VIII (1491-1547). Henry VIII is infamous for having ten thousands of people beheaded or otherwise killed.

This music video from Britain about King Henry VIII says about itself:

Horrible Histories-divorced, beheaded, died. Song lyric.

Nazi Colborne may have hoped that his crimes would lead to a regime bringing back beheading. Beheading, like also happened in Adolf Hitler’s Germany. And which the fuehrer of the French national Front, Marine Le Pen, wants to bring back.

Colborne seems to have preferred Prince Harry to other royals for having red hair like Colborne himself.

And maybe also for Prince Harry’s taste in fancy dress costumes.

This 2005 video says about itself:

Wiesenthal Centre, Duchess, react to Harry Nazi costume

Around the world on Thursday, newspapers and TV stations reported on the anger generated by a picture of Britain’s Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi.

In the US, the story was headline news for papers like the New York Post and was covered extensively by all TV networks.

Jewish leaders also reacted strongly to the photograph, which showed the prince at a fancy dress party, wearing a Nazi desert uniform and a swastika armband.

The head of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre urged the 20-year-old royal to go to Auschwitz for the upcoming anniversary marking the liberation of the former Nazi death camp.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the centre in Los Angeles, said it was “unacceptable” for the prince to disgrace “the memory of the Holocaust and…of those who gave up their lives to defeat Nazism”.

“Writing a prepared statement handed out by Buckingham Palace is an insufficient manner of dealing with this,” he added.

A spokesman at Clarence House, the London residence of the prince’s father, Prince Charles, on Thursday insisted that sending Harry to the ceremonies at Auschwitz was “not something we would be considering”.

10 thoughts on “British nazi plot to murder princes making Prince Harry king

  1. Another fanciful story put out by the media as absorbing the public’s attention a sort of news entertainment to take the public’s mind off the real issues, the MI5 are to need this type of story to keep them in employment and to create a pseudo amalgamation of the public fears that government and their elites stay in power, it absurd to think any subversive would be able to kill any Royal? finally the Royals are just a anachronism of the past and are in essence like many appendages of a historical past rather akin to the appendix a annoying bit of the anatomy that’s their that has no useful function other than a bygone ritual that the unintelligent and those who financially benefit from this theatrical saga.


    • Well, in Norway many people would have thought it ‘absurd’ that Breivik, the ‘hero’ of this British nazi, would be able to kill so many people … Similar with Timothy McVey, another ‘hero’ of this Briton.


      • I am aware their are many nuts out there if one could make a census on all the nut cases who are in the category of potential killers of significant people the numbers would in my opinion be voluminous, also it is not unknown for police to set up nuts to kill in a circumstance whereby as a political act depending on the time of say civil unrest to set up people to kill, in my view the killing in Tottenham is a example of what I mean also John Lennon killed in NY.
        The examples you give are what is known but are not something for the public to fear as this can be establishment propaganda of two individuals who are set up, the covert police are always on the look out for those who are potential patsy’s such as the CIA, MI5/6, as a recent conversation with a friend and I said why do the establishment not kill people such as those who are critical of establishment? he said their are to many that are anti present establishment, I disagree if their are approximately a following of 100 persons or so you will possible become a casualty of the state, its all to do with power for myself I am regarded by the covert forces as white trash as such I expect it is doubtful for me to be on a government hit list, although in the 60s I would be a considered a different kettle of fish, it is my calling to show a constant vigilance on our present establishment as I would define the present system as a type of of model based on the or similar to the mafia.


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