False killer whales, Hawaii, close up video

This video from Hawaii says about itself:

Extreme close up FALSE KILLER WHALES, Oahu, Hawaii

20 September 2015

Hawaiian false killer whales, as you’ve never seen them before…! Extreme closeups, and even an underwater smile for the GoPro.

False killer whales share a very similar skull and other traits with true Orca (uncommon, long-lived, slow to mature, calve only once every 6-7 years). However, they are quite distinct from them. For instance, though both are top predators, false killers rarely attack mammalian prey. And while Orca are quite popular, most folks have never heard of the pseudorca – false killer whale, or its highly endangered plight.

Go to the source – Learn more about conservation efforts, why they are needed and research focused on Hawaii’s False Killer Whales: here.

10 thoughts on “False killer whales, Hawaii, close up video

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