Twenty-one, not ten, pearls in Dutch oyster

This is a 17 August 2015 video from Yerseke in Zeeland province in the Netherlands. At that time, people still thought that a special oyster had ten pearls inside …

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

The oyster in which last month ten pearls were found on closer inspection turned out to include 21 pearls. Research by Naturalis shows that the pearls are all real.

Gemstones expert Hanco Zwaan of the Leiden museum has examined the oyster, which was found last month by a fishmonger from Yerseke, with X-rays. Under the mollusk’s body eleven more pearls turned out to be hidden. The find is very special, says Zwaan.

See also here.

This 16 December 2016 video is about the finding of the 21 pearls in Naturalis museum.

It is not a world record: in Lebanon, once 26 pearls were found in an oyster.

This 2014 video is called How Do Oysters Make Pearls?

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