Hungarian police throws food at refugees, like at farm pigs

This 9 September 2015 video from Röszke prison camp for refugees in Hungary shows police throwing food at refugees.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Hungarian police throws food at refugees

Today, 09:53

The Hungarian authorities have been quite embarrassed by video clips from a refugee camp in Röszke on the border with Serbia. On these you can see how officers, some wearing face masks, in a chaotic situation throw buns into a crowd of refugees. “Like at cattle,” says Human Rights Watch.

The images were reportedly taken Wednesday by the wife of the Austrian politician Alexander Spritzendorfer. That happened on the day that the UN announced that the conditions for refugees in the region had deteriorated considerably.

Peter Bouckaert, director of Human Rights Watch, on Twitter fiercely criticized the Hungarian authorities. “Hungary has become a place of absolute humiliation for refugees. People are kept in cages and treated like animals.”

Another parallel to this is how Adolf Hitler’s nazi regime treated Soviet Union prisoners of war during World War II. According to nazi racial ‘science’, Soviet people were ‘subhumans’ to which the Geneva convention on prisoners of war did not apply. Nazi guards used to throw food over barbed wire fences to starving Soviet prisoners.

One difference with the present in Hungary may be that the World War II nazis threw rotting or similarly disease-causing food. As far as I know, the Hungarian government has not sunk completely to that level yet. However, the Hungarian Jobbik party are open admirers of Adolf Hitler. And the officially ‘center right’ Hungarian government does not mind cooperating with far right Jobbik sometimes.

Earlier this week Bouckaert had already tweeted critically: “People are being held there in the heat without food, water or medicine, we see everywhere children toppling because of tiredness. The detention camps are still far worse inside than what the outside world gets to see … That is why the Hungarian government does not admit the media there anywhere. It is unacceptable that this is happening on the threshold of Europe.”

89 thoughts on “Hungarian police throws food at refugees, like at farm pigs

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  2. I don’t understand why Hungary is still a part of the EU. According to Human rights watch rule of law and human rights continue to be undermined in this country with increasing pressures on the media and civil society and having an ongoing discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities


    • Good question. Probably, because of economic interests; because the ruling Fidesz party is a sister party of Angela Merkel’s German CDU party and other center right parties in EU countries, etc.

      The rightist Fidesz government in Hungary has been treated far more leniently by the EU than the Syriza government in Greece when they still tried to do something against ruinous austerity.

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