Botanical garden plant photos

Carnivorous plants, 7 September 2015

Still 7 September 2015 in the botanical garden. Apart from the fish in the big AquaHortus exhibition, and the reptiles and amphibians in that exhibition, there were, of course, the plants as well. Like these carnivorous plants on the first story of the entrance building.

Drosera bicolor, 7 September 2015

A bit further, more carnivorous plants in individual pots. Like this Drosera bicolor, from Australia.

Autumn snowflake, 7 September 2015

Outside, these flowers of a plant, better suited to northern hemisphere temperate zone September temperatures: Acis autumnalis – Autumn snowflake.

Finally, to the new Chinese herb garden part of the botanical garden.

Indian lotus, 7 September 2015

In a small rectangular pond there, Indian lotus grows. Big water drops on its leaves.

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