British Blairite smears leftist Corbyn as ‘ISIS terrorist’

This video from Britain says about itself:

Does Tony Blair‘s Face Belong On Milk Cartons? Russell Brand The Trews (E151)

22 September 2014

Reaction to news today that Tony Blair has said British boots on the ground in Iraq should not be ruled out and that ISIS are “precisely” the same terrorist forces he battled during the conflict.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Labour First’s Akehurst putting off new activists

Monday 7th September 2015

A LEADING right-wing Labour Party organiser was blasted yesterday for putting off new activists by comparing the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to the spread of Islamic State (Isis).

Luke Akehurst, former secretary of pre-Blairite right-wing faction Labour First, was quoted making the comparison in the Observer.

“The analogy an MP gave me was that these people are moving through the party like Isis in their jeeps in Iraq,” he said. “They need to push on, take over, before they lose the momentum.”

But Tessa Frost, a new member in Mr Akehurst’s own Oxford East constituency who joined Labour before Mr Corbyn declared his candidacy, was not impressed by the former NEC member’s comments.

“Luke seems to fail to understand that repeatedly insulting our intelligence, calling us the ‘bad guys’ and making these comparisons makes for an incredibly alienating and hostile environment for new members,” she told the Star.

“I’m not the only member who won’t be looking forward to our next constituency Labour Party meeting because it means chancing a real life encounter with him.”

ATTEMPTS to undermine Jeremy Corbyn by forcibly packing his shadow cabinet with his opponents would amount to a “coup,” Labour democracy campaigners said yesterday. The revelation that MPs are still planning to remove the leader’s power to appoint shadow ministers in spite of party rules came as a prominent organiser on Labour’s right wing compared Mr Corbyn’s rise to the spread of Isis in Iraq. Members of the shadow cabinet have been appointed by the leader since 2011, when Ed Miliband ended the long-standing practice of elections among MPs: here.

Tony Blair was warned by his intelligence chiefs that invading Iraq would increase the terror threat facing Britain. If MPs had known this, would they have voted for war? Here.

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  10. Tuesday 3rd November 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    LABOUR PARTY members poked fun at former frontbencher Tristram Hunt yesterday after the one-time shadow education secretary claimed the party was “in the shit.”

    It wasn’t the first time Mr Hunt got himself in trouble with Labour voters — last year the then shadow cabinet member crossed a picket line during a lecturers’ strike at Queen Mary University of London.

    Historian Mr Hunt was speaking at an event at Cambridge University last week when he told students: “You are the top 1 per cent.

    “The Labour Party is in the shit. It is your job and your responsibility to take leadership going forward.”

    He also pointed out that Jeremy Corbyn “is the leader until he is not.”

    Young Labour member Max Shanly told the Star: “Tristram’s comments must have been taken out of context, no serious politician in a party of labour would ever consider the rule by a tiny elite legitimate, would they?”

    Mr Hunt also criticised social media activism for turning his party into a “sect” — but Twitter users quickly hit back.

    Author and Labour supporter Harry Leslie Smith wrote: “Funny I spoke at Cambridge last week about how it’s the 99 per cent that should run Labour and the country.”

    And Chris Down tweeted: “Tristram Hunt joining Simon Danczuk on the list of MP’s people frequently ask: ‘Why are they in the Labour Party again?’ ”


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  34. Wednesday 13th April 2016

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    Right-wing Labour First proposes to abandon one-vote system

    LABOUR MPs would be handed the same power as 1,500 grassroots members in any future leadership election under plans proposed by a right-wing faction.

    Labour First wants to abandon the one member, one-vote system under which Jeremy Corbyn won a landslide victory last summer.

    It also wants to scrap the registered and affiliated supporter scheme which saw thousands of people who support the party but are not members pay £3 to vote in the leadership election.

    The group is instead seeking to resurrect the electoral college which saw MPs, trade unions and members receive a third of the votes.

    Labour First argues that its plan would “bolster the union link” and ensure that the leader will “command the confidence of their parliamentary colleagues.”

    Changes to party rules have been drafted by the group with a view to pushing them through the party’s annual conference in September.

    “The proposed rule changes, which are all designed to strengthen the influence of party elites at the expense of grassroots activists, would also serve the factional interests of the Labour right,” according to the Left Futures blog which exposed the plan.

    The electoral college system was scrapped in 2014 as part of reforms designed by Lord Ray Collins, who is on the right of the party.

    The review was instigated by Ed Miliband under pressure to weaken the influence of trade unions after allegations later found to be without foundation that Unite attempted to rig the selection of the party’s Falkirk candidate in 2014.

    The changes were opposed by many of the left who warned it was Mr Miliband’s own “clause IV” movement.

    After the system backfired and helped Mr Corbyn claim an unexpected leadership victory, there were moves to hand power to MPs.

    But Momentum spokesman Jon Lansman told the Star: “Even under its proposed rules, it might not beat Jeremy.

    “If it challenged Jeremy now the proportion of votes would be even better among party members and trade union members.

    “And among MPs, Jeremy could attract the support of around 60 or 70 now.”

    The Campaign for Labour Democracy has submitted its own rule changes which would lower the number of nominations needed from MPs for any leadership candidate.


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