Refugees walk from Budapest to Austria

This 6 September 2015 video from Hungary shows refugees walking to Austria from Budapest chanting “We want buses”.

Refugee crisis: Turkish police officer who found Aylan Kurdi‘s body describes ‘terrible loss’: here.

Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take more refugees – and pledges to build a fence instead: here.

An open letter to anyone who ever talked down the refugee crisis: here.

7 thoughts on “Refugees walk from Budapest to Austria

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  2. Reblogged this on OK, Fine. and commented:
    Re-posted from Dear Kitty. Some Blog. Migrants – many of whom initially fled conflict in Syria – have made their way through Austria since Hungary removed restrictions on transit on Friday. In this video, they are chanting that they want a bus for transport. More recently, the BBC writes that a convoy of cars driven by German and Austrian activists crossed into Hungary to pick up migrants and help them reach western Europe.


    • Indeed, but the Hungarian right wing government said the Saturday buses were a one off. These Sunday refugees on this video did not get buses like the Saturday refugees, so they started walking.

      Thanks for reblogging!

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