United States Republican Donald Trump’s foreign policy ignorance

The world according to Donald Trump

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Trump hits out at interviewer

UNITED STATES: Republican hopeful Donald Trump slammed interviewer Hugh Hewitt as a “third-rate radio announcer” yesterday for catching him out.

In an interview Mr Trump got confused between Iranian special ops force Quds and the Kurds and admitted he didn’t know the difference between [Palestinian Sunni Muslim] Hamas and [Lebanese Shiite Muslim] Hezbollah — but insisted he would know “when it’s appropriate.

I’ll be so good on the military, your head will spin,” he insisted, adding that he was a “delegator” who would “find great people” to tell him.

Here’s What Trump Would Look Like As Various Disney Villains: here.

14 thoughts on “United States Republican Donald Trump’s foreign policy ignorance

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