13 thoughts on “Worldwide victory against polio, except for Ukraine

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  7. UKRAINE’S communists accused the Health Ministry today of wasting time trying to force doctors to learn English while ignoring a measles epidemic.

    Ukraine’s health service was handed to US-born and raised private health businesswoman Ulana Suprun in 2016 and Ms Suprun, nicknamed “Dr Death” by the Communist Party, has sought to introduce competition and market elements to the service.

    She has rubbished established diagnostic practices in the country as “Soviet,” importing a set of 100 diagnostic protocols from Finnish medical society Duodecim which were then posted, in English, on the Health Ministry site with instructions for doctors to follow them.

    The ministry has now issued a circular advising doctors to improve their “medical and colloquial English” by watching US serials including House, Grey’s Anatomy and Nurse Jackie, adding that doing so will “deepen their knowledge of various medical techniques.”

    The Communist Party of Ukraine said Ms Suprun was merely “perplexing” doctors in the face of a measles epidemic that has infected nearly 30,000 Ukrainians this year and killed 13, including nine children.



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