Nazi march in Liverpool, England, no way

This parody video from England, based on the film Downfall on Adolf Hitler’s last days, says about itself:


15 August 2015

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Neonazis planning to come back for more

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

ANTI-FASCISTS in Liverpool are mobilising against a second bid by neonazi group National Action to stage a White Man March in the city.

They plan to humiliate the neonazis as they did on August 15, when 1,000 anti-fascists vastly outnumbered the racists, preventing their march and forcing them to take shelter in the lost luggage room of Lime Street station.

in their second attempt the neonazis will assemble at the pier head on Saturday September 12 at 1pm.

Anti-fascists will be there at noon.

A statement from Merseyside Jewish Representative Council said: “This march does not just affect the Jewish community, it affects all ethnic groups, races and cultures and has no place here in Liverpool or anywhere else in the UK.”

20 thoughts on “Nazi march in Liverpool, England, no way

  1. Saturday 12th August 2015

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    A RACIST thug who tried to kill an Asian dentist with a machete, claiming it was revenge for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, was jailed for life yesterday.

    Zack Davies targeted Dr Sarandev Bhambra at a Tesco store in Mold, Flintshire, in January.

    Davies, of Mold, who is believed to have been involved in openly fascist youth group National Action, was convicted of attempted murder at Mold Crown Court in June.

    He was told yesterday that he must serve at least 14 years in prison.

    Passing sentence, Judge Rhys Rowlands said Davies had developed “extreme racist views” and had been plotting to carry out a “murderous attack” in order to draw attention to himself.

    The assault on Dr Bhambra was a “planned and racially motivated attack,” the judge said.

    The court had heard that Dr Bhambra was walking down an aisle in the store on January 14 when he felt a “huge blow” to the back of his head.

    One witness told of hearing Davies shout the words “white power” as he hacked Dr Bhambra with the machete.

    The attack left its victim with two deep cuts to his scalp and another to his back, which went down to the muscle.

    An injury to his left hand caused major nerve, artery and tendon damage, leaving him in need of surgery for five hours.

    Speaking outside court, Dr Bhambra, from Leeds, said Davies was a “coward.”

    “He attacked me from behind and tried to behead me,” the dentist said. “By the grace of God I remained conscious and was able to defend myself.

    “It is abhorrent that he has claimed that he tried to kill me in Lee Rigby’s honour.”


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