16 thoughts on “Hungarian, Austrian anti-refugee policies

  1. Thursday 3rd September 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Chaos across Europe as crisis claims more lives

    AT LEAST 11 refugees drowned yesterday after people-trafficking boats capsized while taking them from Turkey to Greece.

    The latest tragedy in the ongoing European refugee crisis came as rail chaos again gripped Hungary’s capital Budapest and the French port of Calais.

    Turkey’s Dogan news agency reported that a boat carrying 16 people sank in international waters after leaving the Turkish resort of Bodrum early yesterday for the Greek island of Kos in the Aegean Sea. Seven of the migrants drowned, while four were rescued.

    Hours later, a second boat carrying six migrants sank off the coast of Bodrum. A woman and three children drowned, while two passengers in life vests made it to the shore half unconscious.

    On the Greek island of Lesbos further north, three refugees who had gone missing overnight on Tuesday were found alive and rescued by a fishing boat.

    A search and rescue operation involving a helicopter, a Greek coastguard patrol boat and a vessel from the European border patrol force Frontex had been launched when the three were reported missing off the coast.

    The coastguard said it had rescued 1,058 people at sea in 28 incidents off eastern Aegean islands from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning.

    Channel tunnel services from Calais were severely delayed after refugees trespassed on the tracks and reportedly climbed on top of trains in an attempt to reach Britain.

    Passengers arriving at London’s St Pancras station complained of being left on the train for hours without food and in darkness and high temperatures after the power was cut.

    They described how one train was searched for two hours after desperate refugees tried to climb on top to make a perilous ride through the 26-mile tunnel.

    In Budapest, hundreds of refugees chanted defiant slogans outside Keleti international railway station as police blocked them for a second day from boarding trains to Austria and Germany.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will take a “clear and obvious message” to today’s Brussels meeting of EU leaders on the migrant crisis, a government spokesman said.



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