6 thoughts on “Senseless governmental badger killing in England

  1. The badger is a creature of wonder the senseless killing by the upper classes which the government represents in truth but posture as the saviors of the masses, this culling is all part of spite and vindictiveness of the money elite to divert their and the public’s attention away from the fraud of what is going on of the rich being the enemy of those who are the oppressed which is not only the main body of people but more so creating war abroad and the destruction of animals and the environment, I was shocked last night to hear a old friend say on the phone from France to me in Australia he was not interested in politics as they are all the same? my involvement in politics is being on the planet for some long time the corruption and destruction of this planet is of utmost concern that should make all people who have a sense of morality to act against the criminals and forces of senseless destruction and evil.


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