Sandra Bland gets street name in Texas, USA

Students at Sandra Bland's alma mater, Prairie View A & M University, organized a march in her honour

From ABC in the USA:

Texas street renamed for Sandra Bland

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 11:36PM

A Texas city is renaming a street in memory of Sandra Bland, a Naperville woman found dead in her jail cell last month.

The street is located on the campus of Bland’s alma mater, Prairie View A& M University, and will be called Sandra Bland Parkway.

Earlier Tuesday, students at Prairie View A& M University marked Tuesday night in her honor.

Bland, who was in a Texas jail for three days after being arrested during a traffic stop, is an alum of Prairie View.

Texas officials said the woman committed suicide, but her family disputes that.

From in Texas:

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas — Sandra Bland’s mother applauded the decision on Tuesday to rename “University Drive” to “Sandra Bland Parkway” in honor of her daughter.

“I am excited,” Geneva Reed-Veal said. “I am overwhelmed, and I am just truly thankful.”

Another resident said it was just a small start.

“This is something that in the very least should happen so that her name remains as a symbol of the greater good,” David Palmer said.

To many people, Sandra Bland’s name will forever be synonymous with a struggle on the side of the road that sparked a movement.

“If that starts dialogue to say what it means for police accountability, for jail accountability, for community accountability to speak up, then it’s a great thing, and I support that,” said resident Sylvia Cedillo.

Also from

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas — City council members hope renaming the stretch of road after Sandra Bland serves as a constant reminder of the injustices they say she suffered in Waller County.

They also hope it’s a reminder for law enforcement to always follow best practices when making stops on University Drive.

Her mother Geneva Reed-Veal says she could not have imagined Prairie View City Council passing the resolution it did.

“I am overwhelmed, and I am just truly thankful to the city of Prairie View,” Reed-Veal said in a press conference after the decision.

Bland’s name will be seen from the entrance of Prairie View A&M to US-Business 290. Bland was stopped on this very road nearly six weeks ago by a trooper for making an illegal lane change. She was eventually taken to jail and found days later hanging in her cell.

“This is the first step, the very first step,” Reed-Veal said. “There’s still so much more that needs to be done.”

Some felt this debate should have been pushed back.

“You have very few citizens that actually live here that are actually here today to see what’s going on,” said Paulette Matthews-Barnett, a city council member. “Maybe it should’ve been called ‘Memorial Parkway,’ that way, we’d include everybody and not just one.”

Still family members say this vote has meaning.

“We feel the big hug from Prairie View from the citizens that say we stand in solidarity with you,” said Sharon Cooper, Sandra’s sister.

The new name for this road will last three to five years before it’s taken up for a vote again.

There will also be a park dedicated in Bland’s honor not far from the college, and the mayor has asked Prairie View A&M students to come up with an architectural plan for it.

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