Deport Ferguson demonstrators from the USA, Donald Trump says

Donald Trump's anti-Mexican racism, cartoon

By Nick Gass in the USA:

Ferguson mayor taunts Trump over gang comments

8/26/15 11:34 AM EDT

Updated 8/26/15 11:43 AM EDT

The mayor of Ferguson, Missouri on Wednesday mocked Donald Trump’s assertion that the north St. Louis County suburb and the city of St. Louis have gangs with immigrants in the country illegally.

“I’m assuming that Donald Trump is saying that from his extensive experience in St. Louis and in Ferguson. He has never been here as far as I know.

Republican party presidential candidate Trump has that in common with a ‘witness’ who played a major role in the impunity for the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson. In her Grand Jury testimony, self-confessed racist Sandra McElroy lied that she had been in Ferguson, and had supposedly seen Michael Brown charge ‘like a football player’ policeman Darren Wilson who killed him. Ms McElroy’s lies helped prejudiced prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch to get a non-indictment of Darren Wilson. Ms McElroy’s lies were repeated as gospel truth again and again in the Rupert Murdoch media and by extreme right conspiracy theorists on the Internet.

I’ve never seen any roving bands of illegal immigrants or gangs in Ferguson,” James Knowles said in an interview Wednesday morning with the Fox affiliate in St. Louis. “I think he’s just trying to find headlines and we just gave him one.”

Trump made the remark in response to a question at a press availability in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday night, naming Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis and its northern suburb as places that have numerous incidents of unrest in the past year.

“You know a lot of the gangs that you see in Baltimore and in St. Louis and in Ferguson and Chicago. You know, they’re illegal immigrants,” Trump said. “They’re here illegally. And they’re rough dudes, rough people. They’re going to be gone so fast if I win, that your head will spin. They’re going to be gone so fast, OK?”

Trump Calls Martin O’Malley A ‘Disgusting Little Weak Pathetic Baby’ For Recognizing Black Lives Matter: here.

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin: here.

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie proposed over the weekend that Washington institute a system of control over foreigners entering the country akin to the methods used by the express shipping company Fedex to track its packages. This Orwellian scheme, evoking the branding and police-state hounding of everyone visiting the US, is one more contribution to a 2016 US presidential debate that expresses complete contempt for democratic rights and a seething hatred within ruling circles for workers of every nationality: here.

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  2. ST. LOUIS (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says gangs in places like Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri, are populated with “rough dudes” who are in the country illegally. But officials in those cities say there’s no evidence to support him.

    In Iowa this week, Trump said “a lot” of the gangs in the four cities consist of people who are in the country illegally. He made similar comments on Sunday news shows.

    Representatives of three of the four cities said Wednesday Trump was wrong in his assertion. In the fourth city, Chicago, police say they don’t track the makeup of gangs.


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