Elephant information for children

This video says about itself:

Save Elephants from Abuse in 30 seconds

11 August 2015

Watching elephants perform may look like family fun, but for elephants and other wild animals, the experience is anything but! Join us and the voice of this video, Selma Blair, at http://www.whatelephantslike.com/ in the fight against performing animal abuse; and keep animals where they belong, in the wild.

From Wildlife Extra:

Born Free launches “What Elephants Like” website, video and book aimed at children

Born Free USA has launched a new educational campaign for children called What Elephants Like (www.whatelephantslike.org).

The aim is to help parents start an important conversation about the delicate issue of elephant suffering, without using any graphic language or images.

The initiative includes an interactive website, a powerful 30-second video voiced by actress Selma Blair, and a children’s storybook.

According to Adam M Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and the Born Free Foundation: “The shocking mistreatment of wild animals used for entertainment has gone on far too long.

“The goal of this initiative is to provide families with attractive, kid-friendly, non-graphic tools that can help promote an age-appropriate, meaningful conversation.

“Born Free is dedicated to empowering future conservationists by helping them understand at a young age what is happening in wildlife conservation, and learn how they can make a difference.

“Elephants—and all wild animals—belong in the wild, and no one is too young to understand that.”

The 30 second video features five elephants, with one attempting to stand on a barrel in the wild. The message is that elephants in entertainment have no choice and are forced to do something that is unnatural.

The storybook, What Elephants Like, by Joel Lugar, produced by Born Free USA, with illustrations by Evan Schultz and Tyler Jensen, is a beautiful children’s book that appropriately entertains and enlightens readers with the message of keeping wildlife in the wild.

The book is available at www.whatelephantslike.org as a free e-book, downloadable PDF, and coloring book.

The website also offers fun facts about elephants and more information about how people can get involved.

Roberts adds: “The goal for the book, video, and website is to explain that these are extraordinary animals, and when you see them confined behind bars or forced to do tricks and perform, it is not natural, humane, or acceptable.

“We want kids to understand that these highly intelligent, sensitive, gentle giants deserve to thrive in the wild.”

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