Bahrain human rights violations continue

This video shows a pro-democracy demonstration in Bahrain in 2011.

August 25, 2015. Bahrain: Opposition Leader’s Trial Grossly Unfair. 4-Year Term for ‘Insulting’ Government, Advocating Freedom of Assembly: here.

Bahrain: The trial of prominent Bahraini opposition figure Ibrahim Sharif, a leader of the peaceful secular leftist Waad political group, began today and was adjourned until October 12. Last month, Sharif was arbitrarily arrested for “promoting political change through forceful means and threats and inciting hatred against the regime” after giving a speech calling for reform. The arrest occurred only weeks after he was released from prison after serving nearly all of a five-year sentence for peacefully calling for reform in 2011, and two weeks after the Obama Administration announced it was lifting its ban on arms sales to the Bahraini military, citing “meaningful progress on human rights.” Earlier this month, Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ron Wyden (D-WA) introduced legislation (S.2009) to ban the sale of small arms and ammunition to Bahrain until the government fully implements all 26 recommendations made by the 2011 Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, a bill Human Rights First strongly supports: here.

A prominent Sunni opposition leader in Bahrain pleaded not guilty Monday at the opening of his new trial for “promoting political change through forceful means”, judicial sources in Manama said. Addressing the Higher Criminal Court, Ibrahim Sharif said the charges against him were based on “assumptions” and not facts. Sharif, who headed the secular Waed party, was freed on June 19 after spending four years in jail over his involvement in 2011 Shiite-led anti-government protests. But he was re-arrested three weeks later for “violating the law”: here.

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