Svalbard expedition sees walruses

This video from Svalbard in the Arctic says about itself:

Walrus at Kapp Lee, Edgeøya 22 August 2008.

Translated from the blog of Dutch NOS TV about the big Dutch Arctic expedition. The expedition, after arrival in Svalbard and departure of the expedition ship from the Svalbard capital Longyearbyen, has meanwhile arrived on Edgeøya island in the Svalbard archipelago. Interview on 22 August 2015 with Ko de Korte and other participants who had been on that island forty years ago as well:

But has this place changed much in forty years? “No,” said De Korte. “Only those walruses were not there. We saw nothing but reindeer and polar bears, and sometimes an Arctic fox.” Fifty meters away thirty massive walruses lie in the sunshine, deliciously lazy. With the same view which the explorers of then still know so well.

This 8 February 2015 Dutch video shows an interview with Ko de Korte. He says he did Arctic tern research in 1968 on Edgeøya island, and wants to do that again now.

This 2008 video is about Kap Lee, Edgeøya, Svalbard, where the expedition is now.

This Dutch video is about expedition participant Tom van Hoof, doing already some research on Svalbard on 18 August 2015, one day before the official start of the expedition. Tom’s research is about the consequences of attempts to find oil off Edgeøya in the 1970s.

This 16 August 2015 video is about participant Tom van Hoof in the Netherlands, checking his luggage before going to Svalbard.

In this video, Tom van Hoof introduces himself.

This 14 August 2015 video about the expedition is from before the start.

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