British Blairites attack left Labourite voting rights

This video from Britain says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn: The Labour Party should apologise for the Iraq war

21 August 2015

Lindsey German is national convenor of the Stop the War Coalition. She was interviewed on Channel 4 News about the proposal by Jeremy Corbyn that the Labour party apologise for the Iraq war. Jeremy Corbyn is a candidate for the Labour leadership.

Tony Blair took the UK into the illegal Iraq war in 2003 by lying to parliament and the British public. Jeremy Corbyn voted against the war that killed up to a million Iraqis and devastated the country, creating the conditions under which the brutal ISIS extremists have grown into a force controlling much of Iraq today.

In the United States of America, voting rights of African Americans and others are under attack by Republican politicians, subverting democratic elections.

In Britain, the Tony Blair-ite establishment is attacking the voting rights of Labour party members and paid up supporters, in order to subvert the democratic process of electing a party leader, as they fear left winger Jeremy Corbyn might win a fair election.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Labour voters culled

Friday 21st August 2015

Party members furious as they get caught up in witch hunt for ‘entryists

ANGRY Labour backers accused the party of instigating a “purge” yesterday after hundreds of members received emails barring them from voting in the leadership election — including one of the party’s own council candidates.

Robert Sharpe, a two-time Labour candidate for Salford Council’s Walkden South seat, was caught up in yesterday’s mass expulsions and slammed the party’s “shambolic” response to entryism scare stories.

He said: “It’s been a bit of a shambles. I voted last night and this morning I had an email saying: ‘We cancelled your membership, we rejected your application to be a member.’

“My membership got renewed about a month ago. It’s renewed every year. So I called the party and they said ‘We cancelled your membership and you’re not eligible to be a supporter.’ I said I’ve been a council candidate for the last few years, I’ve been a member for five years.’

“My MP has called to say the party has realised their mistake. They confused me with another Robert Sharpe, and they will ring me to apologise.”

Many took to social media to express their anger and disappointment at being barred from the election process.

Young member Jack Chadwick told the Star how less than 24 hours after voting for Jeremy Corbyn he was amazed to receive an email rejecting his “membership application.”

Mr Chadwick, who joined the party in 2011, said he rang the membership office requesting information on his exclusion but no-one was able to help.

He added: “I’m a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and I’ve made my support for him known on social media.

“I’ve also, in the past, criticised the direction of the Labour Party under its recent leadership.

“I’m getting the impression that they’re not being at all thorough with their checks. At this point it almost sounds like they’re just throwing out whoever’s flagged as supporting Corbyn, even if they have no legitimate reason to.”

The Labour Party has repeatedly argued that it wants “the widest number of supporters to have their say in Labour’s leadership contest,” but that it is scrupulously sifting through new applicants.

Those receiving rejection emails have been told that the party had reason to believe they did not support Labour’s “aims and values.”

Many were vetoed retroactively after they had cast their vote, raising concerns of “McCarthyite” style purges of the party’s left wing — in particular Corbyn voters.

Claims of far-left “entryism” have been instigated by the right-wing media since Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership bid took up.

Comedian and writer Pete Sinclair, who was banned after receiving his ballot papers, said he had first backed Labour in 1979 and continued to “vote Labour solidly until Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq, which I couldn’t possibly support.”

But at the last elections he made it public knowledge he would be voting for the Green Party in the safe Labour seat of Greenwich, London.

“I passionately wanted Labour to beat the Tories” he argued, adding that his vote was cast “in order to show Labour that there were supporters to the left that needed to be won back to the party.

“The clincher is that I actually donated to the election campaign — £20.

“The same guy, Iain McNicol, whose name was on the email thanking me for my donation, telling me that I was a valued party supporter, is also on the email saying I am not allowed to vote.

“I would like to ask them if Tony Blair is getting a vote?

“Is being paid to advise the dictator of Kazakhstan consistent with the aims and values of the Labour Party?”

Jack Chadwick
Member since 2011
I’m getting the impression that they’re not being at all thorough with their checks. At this point it almost sounds like they’re just throwing out whoever’s flagged as supporting Corbyn.

Robert Sharpe
Member since 2010
I called the party and they said: ‘We cancelled your membership and you’re not eligible to be a supporter.’ I said I’ve been a council candidate for the last few years, I’ve been a member for five.

Stop the Labour Purge: here.

This video from England says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at biggest protest in UK history against Iraq war

On 15 February 2003, two million people on the streets of London, in the biggest protest ever in UK history, said not in our name to the Iraq war. Jeremy Corbyn gave this speech to the huge rally in Hyde Park.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Gavel coup

Saturday 22nd August 2015

Is Labour right using member row to clear way for legal attack?

LABOUR rightwingers warning of a possible court challenge to the leadership vote are fuelling the row over party membership because Jeremy Corbyn “is setting the political agenda,” his campaign team said last night.

Andy Burnham’s campaign manager Michael Dugher suggested yesterday that the outcome of Labour’s leadership election could be subject to “legal challenge” due to the party’s inability to properly investigate newly registered voters.

His intervention came as Blairite candidate Liz Kendall denied an allegation that her campaign had gathered information to assist the “purge” of party members.

Hundreds of new members and supporters of the party have been excluded from the leadership vote on the basis that their values are “not consistent with the aims and values of the Labour party.”

Some have accused Labour of a “purge” of leftwingers in order to prevent frontrunner Mr Corbyn from winning the election.

In a letter to Labour general secretary Iain McNicol, Mr Dugher said the party was “allowing the issue to drift, and potentially leaving insufficient time to act.”

He called for an urgent meeting to discuss the potential for “several thousand” Conservative supporters to be lurking in Labour’s ranks.

“We are also concerned that given the party’s limited resources and the effort required to investigate applicants, this could result in the integrity of the contest being called into question, and the outcome subject to legal challenge,” he said.

Yesterday the Morning Star revealed that members of many years standing as well as new supporters had been excluded.

Mr Corbyn’s camp said Mr Dugher’s “internally-faced intervention” was “an attempt to distract the leadership election onto ‘process’ rather than real political issues, such as Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to apologise for Labour’s role in the Iraq war.

“The purely internal procedural obsession falls short of the outward debate the party needs,” a spokesman said.

“Whilst some issues have been raised, we do have confidence in management of the process by elected members of Labour’s NEC and the general secretary.”

An official for Ms Kendall’s campaign told the Star: “We’ve not called for there to be any halt or delay to the process and Liz continues to believe that expanding the party’s membership is a good thing.”

The representative denied allegations that campaigners working on Ms Kendall’s leadership bid had been investigating the credentials of new supporters.

He said the campaign would not have the means to access new membership data “even if this was something we wanted to do, which we don’t.”

A source has alleged to the Star however that an assistant to Kendall-supporting MP Barry Sheerman carried out research into new members. They were said to have done so on behalf of Ms Kendall’s team, but during office hours.

Reports have revealed the extraordinary efforts by sections of the Labour Party to stop veteran “left” MP Jeremy Corbyn from winning the contest for party leader. … This has been sickeningly designated as “Operation: Icepick,” in reference to the assassination of Leon Trotsky: here.

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  3. Tuesday 25th August 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Peter Frost

    PLAYWRIGHT Ian Buckley has had his registration as a Labour supporter rejected, denying him a vote in the leadership election, because friends told the party he was a Green voter.

    Mr Buckley contacted old political friend Mike Jackson, chairman of Watford Labour Party, to see if he could throw any light on the decision.

    Mr Jackson told him the local party had been asked to provide details of political allegiances and canvassing returns.

    They had informed Labour headquarters that they believed Mr Buckley had supported the Green Party in recent elections.

    “I was surprised that you wished to register as a supporter, as there are significant differences between the social democratic and communist traditions,” Mr Jackson had said.

    He added that Mr Buckley had declared himself a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn rather than the party.

    “I voted Labour in the last general and local elections,” Mr Buckley told the Star.

    “In the past I have worked hard for the Labour Party, even using my Watford home as committee rooms.

    “I have voted Green in the past, but that was when the Labour Party was in its Blairite right-wing mess. As Labour came out of this I returned to voting Labour.

    “I was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain before it folded almost a quarter of a century ago.

    “It is pathetic for Mike Jackson to bring this up now. I feel, in fact, my rejection is simply part of a widespread strategy to disenfranchise supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.”

    Around 4,000 would-be Labour Party supporters have now been rejected and lost their £3 registration fee.


  4. Wednesday 26th August 2015

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

    ANDY BURNHAM vowed yesterday to resign from Labour’s front bench if the party advocated scrapping Trident and withdrawing from Nato.

    Appearing alongside his rivals for the party leadership at a radio hustings in Stevenage, Mr Burnham indicated that he would find it a struggle to serve under leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn.

    He also came under fire for sexism after saying that Labour should only have a woman leader “when the time was right.”

    Mr Burnham later said he had meant that the party should be led by a woman when the “right candidate” came on the scene.

    Mr Corbyn has not yet called for immediate withdrawal from Nato but his opponents have repeatedly claimed that he would leave Britain unguarded by leaving the aggressive alliance.

    Pressed yesterday on whether he would serve in the Cabinet if Labour voiced its opposition to Nato and nuclear weapons, Mr Burnham confirmed that he would not.

    “Those would not be policies that I could support. I would not support a policy to leave Nato,” he said at the hustings hosted by BBC Radio 5 Live.

    “It would be highly irresponsible with the world as it is right now.

    “But you’re jumping several guns. This debate would have to take place in the party … with all respect to Jeremy, one person does not impose a policy across the party in week one.”

    Fellow leadership contender Yvette Cooper accused Mr Corbyn of “dodgy economics” in his plan for “people’s quantitative easing,” a flagship policy to fund infrastructure investment.

    “It would just push up inflation, it would make us all worse off, it would create a cost-of-living crisis and it is printing money we haven’t got,” she said.

    But Mr Corbyn insisted that Labour had lost the general election because it was “not offering an alternative to austerity.”

    He said £325 billion had been put into the banks as quantitative easing, essentially a kind of loan, during the banking crisis.

    “My suggestion is that we need serious investment in infrastructure, not through expensive private finance initiative but through public investment, and I am suggesting a people’s quantitative easing which will provide that necessary finance to kick-start the development of the economy,” he said.


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