Dutch Svalbard expedition, videos

This video says about itself:

Dutch Arctic expedition ready for take off!

5 August 2015

A scientific expedition to the North Pole. A period of 9 days from 19 to 28 August 2015 with a chartered boat to the eastern side of the island of Spitsbergen to Edgeøya. The boat is full of Dutch scientists and press (made possible by NWO), supplemented by tourists.

Meanwhile, yesterday, on 19 August, the expedition has started.

This is a 2013 video about the expedition ship, the Ortelius.

This is a video about an August 2013 Svalbard expedition on the Ortelius; showing wildlife, like walrus, Arctic fox, reindeer and red-throated divers.

This is a 15 Mei 2015 video about preparations for the expedition.

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