Cecil and other lions, video

This video says about itself:

On the 1st July 2015 an African male lion was killed by an American trophy hunter. Sadly this happens regularly nowadays and largely goes unreported. But this time the dead lion was Cecil.

13-year-old Cecil was a beloved lion living in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. With 18 offspring and his brother Jericho, he was King in his territory. One of the most recognisable and photographed lions in the world with his majestic face and dark mane, he tolerated visitors to the park and would allow them to come close. Cecil was a study lion. Since 2008 he had worn a GPS collar and had his movements tracked by WildCRU (Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation research Unit).

Walter Palmer a dentist from Minnesota paid $54,000 dollars to bow hunt a male lion. He shot Cecil with an arrow and then tracked the wounded lion for 11 hours before shooting him with a gun. Cecil was beheaded and skinned. The world was outraged. But for how long?

Another video used to say about itself:

9 August 2015


A tribute to Cecil the lion and recent events around Walter Palmer the hunter.

Please support and share Ngala film Campaign to put an end to trophy hunting!

World Lion Day is over now. Cecil is dead. However, there can still be pro-lion action on any day.

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