Young puffins leave nest, video

This 2015 video from Canada says about itself:

Puffling Life

from Rock Yenta Productions

The Gull Island burrow camera reveals life in the burrow for a puff[l]ing. It’s a bit lonely when your parents are away and you are hungry! Where are those parents? Aren’t they supposed to bring fish to the burrow? Take out service can be lousy on Gull Island! “Puffin Patrol“, the documentary will air on CBC’s “The Nature of Things” in Fall 2015.

This 2015 video says about itself:

Puffin Patrol Trailer (CBC)

from Rock Yenta Productions

“Puffin Patrol” is a colourful exploration of the annual life cycle of the Atlantic Puffin. This gorgeous film travels from Newfoundland’s rocky shores to puffin islands in Maine and Wales to report on what these intriguing little birds can teach us about the dangers facing our natural world. We interview scientists and environmentalists working to uncover the secrets of the puffin’s unique migration patterns. And we profile passionate environmentalists devoted to protecting baby chicks as they strike out on their own. We invite you to join our team of experts and puffin lovers on Puffin Patrol!

“Puffin Patrol” will air on CBC’s “The Nature of Things” in Fall 2015.

A Dispersive Migration in the Atlantic Puffin and Its Implications for Migratory Navigation: here.


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