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  2. Last week, Netflix announced that its employees will get unlimited maternal and paternal leave.1

    One, big and terrible caveat: Netflix’s DVD division, which is made up of lower-wage workers, isn’t eligible. Yet this benefit is made available to employees making as much as $300,000–not the lower-paid employees who need parental leave the most.2

    Based on the big public relations campaign around their announcement, Netflix cares that the press, public, and future employees see the announcement positively. The backlash over this unfair policy has begun, and we can take it to the next level so that Netflix extends its unlimited leave policy to ALL working moms and dads–not just the ones who make the most.

    Will you tell Netflix to extend its new parental leave policy to ALL workers? All women and men should have the right to be able to work AND be a parent.

    Tell Netflix: Extend your new parental leave to all employees.

    Sign the petition

    In recent months, the lack of family leave policies in the workplace has erupted in the media as a major political issue. With big name companies like Netflix and Facebook announcing generous family-friendly packages and major 2016 presidential candidates giving a huge platform to paid leave, the shortage of workplace policies that allow all women and mothers to work has become a huge rallying issue.3

    But Netflix’s new policy, though generous, is completely unfair. Netflix profits off the backs of low-income workers only to exclude them from its new parental leave package. In fact, hourly workers make up Netflix’s very profitable DVD division, which will not have access to Netflix’s new parental benefits.4

    It’s important for women that this growing movement for paid parental leave trends in the right direction: in the United States, 70% of moms who have underage children work, 40% are the primary or sole breadwinner, 60% are the primary caregiver responsible for a family member, and the burden of no access to paid leave falls greatly on women of color.5 Yet, it is virtually the only country that doesn’t guarantee paid maternity leave.6 And the working women who do get leave are often either robbed of pay or are have as little as a few days to recover and care for a newborn–despite studies showing that as much as 40 weeks of leave is best for children’s development.7

    Our friends at the Working Families Party and Make It Work are already pressuring Netflix. If thousands of UltraViolet members pile on too, we can be the tipping point to push Netflix to do better by all moms and dads. Will you sign the petition to tell Netflix to extend its new policy to all employees?

    Thanks for speaking out.

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Clarise, Anathea, Audine, Ryan, Shannon, and Vanessa, the UltraViolet team


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