Pro-Sandra Bland clergywoman called ‘Satanic’ by Texas sheriff

This 11 August 2015 video from Texas, USA is called Sheriff of Waller County [R. Glenn Smith] tells local Minister Go Back to the Church of Satan.

By David Edwards in the USA:

Sheriff taunts clergy keeping vigil at jail where Sandra Bland died: ‘Go back to the church of Satan

10 Aug 2015 at 16:12 ET

A United Methodist Church pastor in Texas said on Monday that the Waller County sheriff told her to “go back to the church of Satan” while she was keeping vigil outside the jail where Sandra Bland died.

Hannah Adair Bonner explained on her Twitter feed that she went to the Waller County Jail on Monday just like she had for 27 days since Bland’s death. While she was sitting outside the jail, Sheriff R. Glenn Smith decided to confront her.

Cell phone video uploaded by Bonner shows Smith walking by and asking if she needs his business card, presumably so he can be correctly identified.

“Why don’t you go back to the church of Satan that you run?” Smith asks as he walks into the jail.

Bonner later called on activists to contact Smith’s office for an apology.

“Sheriff then went to my car, took pics of license plate and my face and threatened he is going to do something with them,” she noted.

See also here. And here.

Smith’s behaviour, associating a Christian pastor with Satanism, reminds me of how southern racists in the USA used to call, and still call, another Christian minister: Dr Martin Luther King Junior they call ‘Marxist Lucifer Coon Jewnior’, mixing religious fear mongering about Satan with red-baiting, racist stereotypes and anti-Semitism.

From The Atlantic in the USA about Texas:

In 2007, the chief of police in Hempstead, Glenn Smith, was accused of racism and police brutality during an arrest. Council members opted to suspend Smith for two weeks, a sanction that disappointed civil-rights leaders in town. The following year, amid more allegations of police misconduct, Smith was fired. He promptly ran for county sheriff and won, and is now charged with investigating Bland’s death in the jail he oversees.

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    And when actress Ellen Page confronted Texas Senator Ted Cruz about his anti-LGBT beliefs, Cruz responded by saying that businesses that refuse to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans are the real “victims” of discrimination, and implied that Page was making too big a deal of discrimination faced by LGBT people in the United States.

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