British neo-nazis threaten to burn Liverpool

This video from Britain says about itself:

24 May 2012

World In Action goes inside the National Front and the BNP to reveal the violence and deception behind its patriotic public face. The film includes sworn statements from a police infiltrator and from defectors – some in hiding – and reveals the contents of confidential files and private documents.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Fascists threaten to burn the city if their march is banned

Monday 10th august 2015

NEOnazis have threatened to send Liverpool “up in flames” next weekend if a racist march planned in the city is stopped.

The fascist National Action group made the threat in a letter exposed on Twitter yesterday by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson.

It stated: “A few n*****s beaten up, a few cars set on fire and a few shops smashed and your own non-whites will erupt like a volcano.”

The letter concludes: “Only bullets will stop us!”

Mr Anderson released the letter as part of his battle to have next Saturday’s White Man March, which is expected to draw 150 racists from across Europe, banned.

Merseyside Police say they are bound by the Human Rights Act to “facilitate a peaceful march.”

Only Home Secretary Theresa May has the power to stop it going ahead.

The Home Office could not be contacted for comment yesterday, but Ms May is understood to be consulting the police over the letter.

7 thoughts on “British neo-nazis threaten to burn Liverpool

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