Otter tunnels help other mammals as well

This video from the Netherlands is about a beech marten using an underpass, built for otters. It says about itself (translated):

July 23, 2015

In preparation for the return of the otter to the province of Limburg 20 dangerous roads have been worked on by ARK Nature and the Water Board Peel and Meuse valley. Where streams flow under dangerous roads these roads are equipped with fences and beneath the road ramps are installed. Otters can then walk safely under the road instead of on the road. Studies show that also polecats, beech martens and weasels now also use the underpasses.

See also here.

15 thoughts on “Otter tunnels help other mammals as well

  1. The idea is a good one and most creatures that can will use it its nice to see organisations doing their bit.
    We live in a Park Natural and are basically our own park rangers our problem is getting photographs of the goats and wild boar that go marauding round the gardens no matter where I place cameras they avoid them


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