Sandra Bland, after her death in Texas, USA, update

This video from the USA says about herself:

Sandra Bland and Black Girls Matter

29 July 2015

Kimberle’ Crenshaw, law professor and co-founder of the African American Policy Forum, discusses the death of Sandra Bland in the context of her report, “Black Girls Matter: Pushed-Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected”.

See transcript of this here.

From Associated Press in the USA:

Sandra Bland’s death may bring new screenings in Texas jails

July 30 2015 11:10:55 PM CDT

AUSTIN, Texas –

The House Committee on County Affairs called for a hearing Thursday to get answers surrounding the arrest and death of Sandra Bland.

“It broke my heart to hear (about) Sandra Bland,” said Janet Baker.

Janet Baker testified and said she feels a strong connection to the case because a Houston police officer killed her son Jordan Baker last January.

“To hear her mom say that they took a road trip together and I just remember the last phone call that I had with Jordan and I replay it over and over again. I didn’t know it would be the last conversation we’d have,” said Janet Baker.

A grand jury cleared the officer in Jordan Baker’s case.

Janet Baker was one of several community members who spoke in front of the committee asking for change in our law enforcement and in our jail system.

“We know from her case, if you can make changes that would impact other people, where you won’t have something like this happen again no matter what it was, that’s a plus,” said Yannis Banks with NAACP Texas.

State Representative Garnet Coleman from Houston called the hearing, which at times became heated.

DPS Director Steve McCraw said his department will do a thorough investigation and agreed the trooper who arrested Bland violated policy.

“He clearly was rude and he had an opportunity to deescalate it, instead he escalated it,” said McCraw.

Brandon Wood with The Texas Commission on Jail Standards also testified saying jails need help identifying inmates with mental illnesses.

Counties need to be doing better and the state as a whole can possibly review to see if they can step up in certain areas such as additional funding for mental health,” said Wood.

As for Baker, she wanted officers to be held accountable for their actions. She’s hopeful something will be done.

“My faith tells me that yes there will be a change, there has to be,” said Baker.

Officials recommended revising the mental health assessment in jails and adding training for jailers to detect someone in crisis.

Committee members invited officials from Waller County, but none could make it to the hearing.

Bland was found dead in a Waller County jail July 13th, three days after she was arrested during a traffic stop. Authorities say she hanged herself, a finding her family has questioned.

Officials say Waller County jailers didn’t get additional mental health training they were supposed to receive.

Sandra Bland’s Only Crime: She Knew Her Rights: here.

A child holds a sign about Sandra Bland, who died in police custody, during a rally against police violence in New York July 22, 2015. Photo: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas trooper who arrested a black Chicago-area area woman after a confrontation that began with a traffic stop had been cautioned about “unprofessional conduct” in a 2014 incident while he was still a probationary trooper. The disciplinary entry regarding Trooper Brian Encinia of the Texas Department of Public Safety was contained in Encinia’s personnel file. The department released the file Friday in response to Freedom on Information requests: here. And here.

Texas Trooper’s Behavior Called ‘Catalyst’ in Sandra Bland’s Death: here.

A total of six African-American women have been found dead in police custody in just the last month. Most of the deceased women had been in jail for no more than two days and held for minor charges. Their deaths are all under investigation. The six women are: Sandra Bland of Texas, Kindra Chapman of Alabama, Joyce Curnell of South Carolina, Ralkina Jones of Ohio, Alexis McGovern of Missouri, and Raynetta Turner of New York: here.

Here are the five black women who have died in US jails in July: here.

Houston Police name two suspects who died in custody within eight days amid fallout over Sandra Bland hanging: here.

Sandra Bland

No mourning, no peace: Sam DuBose, Sandra Bland and why Black lives don’t matter (yet): here.

How the lack of police ‘discretion’ killed Samuel Dubose and Sandra Bland: here.

Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose and the rise of ‘vehicular stop and frisk’. Racially based stops for minor traffic violations on the rise because of court action and police practice, say activists: here.

Looking Back on Cincinnati’s Long History of Police Brutality. April Martin spent nearly 10 years reporting on the 15 African Americans killed by police between 1995 and 2001 for her new documentary, Cincinnati Goddamn. Then another killing happened: here.

By Lonnae O’Neal: I am struggling mightily with the death of Sandra Bland. Struggling to understand it, struggling with the tragedy of it, and struggling especially with how utterly unnecessary and unfair it feels. And how depressing it is to watch the video of her initial encounter with police. I am struggling with whether the nation that watches the video can see itself: here.

This morning, a coalition of activists gathered in front of the Justice Department in Washington DC to deliver a petition containing 500,000 signatures demanding that Attorney General Loretta Lynch launch an investigation into Bland’s death. Last week, Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) wrote to Lynch asking that she open an investigation; Bland was from Illinois: here.

Sandra Bland died in a Texas jail after what should have been a routine traffic stop. (Photo courtesy Facebook)

White supremacy, racism killed Sandra Bland: here.

Homeland Security Is Tracking Black Lives Matter. Is That Legal? Here.

Social Media Activism: Sandra Bland, Police Brutality and #BlackLivesMatter: here.

BEHIND THE PROLIFERATION OF RENT-A-COPS “In the United States, private police officers currently outnumber their publicly funded counterparts by a ratio of roughly three to one. Whereas in past decades the distinction was often clear — the rent-a-cop vs. the real cop — today the boundary between the two has become ‘messy and complex,’ according to a study last year by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.” [NYT]

4 thoughts on “Sandra Bland, after her death in Texas, USA, update

  1. Friday 31st July 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Protesters gather outside Cincinnati courthouse after another police killing

    by Our Foreign Desk

    PROTESTERS rallied in the US city of Cincinnati on Wednesday night as a police officer was charged with the murder of a black motorist.

    The Black Lives Matter protest was held outside the Hamilton County Courthouse, where University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was charged over the July 19 shooting of Samuel DuBose.

    Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the charges at a news conference on the latest case of a white officer shooting a black citizen in suspicious circumstances.

    Authorities said Mr Tensing stopped Mr DuBose because his car was missing its front number plate. A struggle ensued after Mr DuBose did not hand over his licence or get out of the car.

    Mr Tensing claims that Mr DuBose tried to drive off and dragged him, forcing him to shoot. The driver died of a single wound to the head.

    Mr Deters called the shooting “senseless” and “asinine,” accusing: “He purposely killed him.

    “He should never have been a police officer,” the prosecutor said, adding: “I don’t think a university should be in the policing business.”

    The university said it had fired Mr Tensing following the indictment. It had earlier announced a review of its police department’s policies.

    On body-camera footage released on Wednesday, the officer can be heard asking for Mr DuBose’s licence several times.

    Mr DuBose says he has one, later saying: “But I don’t think I have it on me.”

    Mr DuBose’s family had been calling for the video to be made public, while several media firms had sued Mr Deters for it.

    The video shows Mr Tensing asking Mr DuBose to unbuckle his seat belt. The officer pulls on the door handle and Mr DuBose puts his hand on the door to keep it closed.

    The video becomes shaky as gunshot can be heard and Mr DuBose slumps before the car rolls away, coming to stop at a nearby corner.

    Mr Tensing’s attorney Stewart Mathews had earlier said he expected charges “given the political climate.”


  2. Saturday 1st August 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    SIX black US women died in police or prison custody in July, RT television reported on Thursday, as campaigners against police brutality rallied in Washington.

    The Washington DC chapter of Black Lives Matter and members of peace campaign Code Pink delivered a petition of over half a million signatures to the Department of Justice, demanding an investigation into the death of Texan woman Sandra Bland.

    Ms Bland died on July 13 after being arrested three days earlier.

    Police say she hanged herself with a noose made from a plastic rubbish bag, but her family do not accept this.

    Witnesses to the arrest say Ms Bland was assaulted by police officer Brian Encinia.

    In addition to Ms Bland, Kindra Chapman of Alabama, Joyce Curnell of South Carolina, Ralkina Jones of Ohio, Alexis McGovern of Missouri and Raynetta Turner of New York all died while in custody last month.

    Most of the victims had been arrested for minor offences and had spent no more than two days in prison. All the cases are now under investigation.

    Ms Turner, who died on Monday, had been arrested on Saturday for shoplifting and later taken to hospital for “health issues,” Channel 7 television reported.

    She was returned to her cell on Sunday and fingerprinted on Monday morning, but was found dead at 2 pm.

    The American Civil Liberties Union’s Texas branch said that more than 600 people had died in encounters with the police in the US this year. A total of 4,309 inmates died in US prisons in 2012.


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