New Zealand government breaks post-mining disaster promises

This video says about itself:

10 December 2010

Following the Pike River mine disaster in New Zealand which claimed the lives of 29 miners, questions are starting to be asked. How could such an accident have occurred in a modern sophisticated mine?

Miner Brent Forrester used to work at Pike River Coal. He was right at the pit face but quit the job before the disaster. His close mate Riki Keane is still down the mine – one of the victims of the massive explosion which killed the 29. Angry and sad, Brent claims that this catastrophe was 100% preventable. Speaking out for the first time he voices the concerns and issues he had working at the mine.

Whilst in a separate interview CEO Peter Whittal responds to the claims made by Brent Forrester.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

New Zealand: Pike River disaster families hold vigil for those killed in accidents in the workplace

Thursday 30th July 2015

by James Tweedie

FAMILIES of workers killed in New Zealand’s worst mining disaster in a century held a vigil yesterday for the 291 workplace deaths in the five years since.

The vigil was timed to come a day before the second reading of the government’s health and safety reform Bill today.

Families lit 291 candles in memory of the 291 people who have died at work since a methane explosion at the Pike River coalmine on November 19 2010 killed 29 miners.

With an average of over 60 deaths a year since then, New Zealand workers are almost six times as likely to be killed at work as those in Britain.

Current Pike River owner Solid Energy has said that the remains of the victims may never be recovered.

Families and unions accused the government of failing to live up to the promises it made following the disaster.

“One of the few good things that was supposed to come out of Pike was better health and safety laws,” said Sonya Rockhouse, whose 21-year-old son Benjamin Rockhouse was killed at Pike River.

“Slowly over time this has been dropped and that’s been dropped and what we’re left with is barely worth the paper it’s written on.”

Anna Osborne, who lost her husband Milton, said: “Promises have been made and they haven’t been kept.”

“We need this for everybody — keep it simple and get everyone under the same law regardless of how small or how dangerous that industry is.

“Instead what we get is that it’s all too hard and too many broken promises.”

New Zealand: Police suppressed video recorded in Pike River mine: here.

The Supreme Court in Wellington heard an appeal on October 5 by family members of some of the 29 men who died in the 2010 explosion at the remote Pike River Coal (PRC) mine. The families sought a judicial review of the government regulator WorkSafe’s decision in 2013 to drop charges against PRC chief executive Peter Whittall: here.

New Zealand government seeks to contain outrage over Pike River mine disaster: here.

Family members of some of the men killed in New Zealand’s 2010 Pike River Coal (PRC) mine disaster have denounced the failure by police and the Department of Labour (now called WorkSafe) to keep track of evidence that could hold vital information about what caused the explosion: here.

Families of some of the 29 men killed in New Zealand’s Pike River mine disaster in November 2010 are demanding answers after police admitted to destroying evidence collected at the mine site: here.

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